Marines Discharge ‘Tough Guy’ After Shoving Around Black Teen At Trump Rally — One Of 3 Incidents (VIDEO)

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Joseph Pryor thought he was being a ‘big tough man’ by first shoving around a black teen being escorted out of a Trump rally on Tuesday and then bragging about it and posting a screenshot of his deed on Facebook. The Marine Corps, who know a thing or two about ‘tough’ disagreed. They saw Pryor’s actions as dishonorable and below what a Marine should be. Their reaction was to immediately discharge Pryor from their delayed entry program.

The Marines respond to the alleged 'tough guy' Joseph Pryor.
The Marines respond to the alleged ‘tough guy’ Joseph Pryor.

Another man filed charges after he was punched by a self-described ‘white nationalist’ at the same rally.

In yet another incident at the same rally, two Hispanic women were forced to file charges of assault after they were shoved around and berated by Trump supporters. The two women, who are natural born American citizens, were the victims of lines like ‘go back to your own country’ and asking them when they would be ‘getting their welfare check’ among other racially charged and xenophobic lines of hate speech that they had to endure at the hands of Trump supporters.

I think it is safe to say that these incidents are no longer ‘isolated’ by anyone’s measure. In addition to this, KKK members, leaders, and other white nationalist groups have been flocking to Trump in droves. Aryan Nation, Stormfront, and just about any group of that ilk have been vocally and forcefully showing their support for the New York businessman. It seems every rally now has, at least, one incident like this, and sometimes multiple ones like we had on Tuesday.

Check out the mayhem that is happening on a regular basis at Trump’s rallies HERE:

When will Donald Trump actually address the hatred happening under his direction? In 2008, then-candidate Barack Obama gave a historic speech on race when there was far less controversy than this. It is time for Trump to once and for all end this hate and dangerous nonsense that is becoming common at his rallies.

According to a report from a local Tennessee TV station, protesters are being ‘trained’ to chant and harass protesters as they are ‘discovered’ in very aggressive fashion. It is tough to deny that the Trump people are at least pushing people ‘to the brink’ of this violence and must take responsibility for these ‘George Wallace‘ style tactics … Some claim they are doing this to avoid violence, but that hardly passes the smell test. Pit ‘enemies’ surrounding someone and aggressively chanting, violence is soon to follow. As Mr Pryor and others have so obviously demonstrated.

“Get `em outta here, get `em outta here,” Trump often booms when he spots one. “Are you protesting, darling?” he asked a demonstrator at Radford. He mocked another: “He just got on television. He’s happy.” Sometimes, he suggests they’re high on drugs.

Occasionally Trump complains police are being too gentle with protesters, bemoaning the “old days” when police didn’t fear for their jobs when they roughed up citizens.

“You know what they used to do guys like that when they were in a place like this?” he asked in Las Vegas as a protester was removed. “They’d be carried out on a stretcher, folks.”  Amid cheers, he added, “I’d like to punch him in the face.”

Months ago, Trump’s team began telling supporters they should not harm demonstrators. Instead, crowds are instructed before rallies to surround protesters with signs and chant “Trump! Trump! Trump!” until authorities arrive.

Some incidents have carried racial undertones. At Radford, Trump asked one protester, who appeared to be of Asian descent, “Are you from Mexico?”


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