Marco Rubio Thanks God Every Day That George Bush Ignored Warnings And Allowed 9-11 To Happen (VIDEO)

Last night’s debate contained plenty of fireworks down in South Carolina. Jeb Bush and Donald Trump went at each other hard for most of the night. Ben Carson almost seemed ‘awake’ for the first time in a debate. Ted Cruz ignored most of the questions and gave pre-scripted answers for most of the night. And John Kasich was actually included in more than just a couple questions throughout the night after his impressive showing in New Hampshire last week.

Marco Rubio still has big debate problems, however. At the last debate, Chris Christie called him out on his ‘pre-scripted’ and canned lines. Rubio responded by repeating such lines at least 5 more times. This time, Rubio came with a new line, and it flopped worse than the previous ones did.

Rubio tried to play his 9-11 card. He stated that he ‘thanks God every day that George Bush was President on 9-11 instead of Al Gore. Obviously, Rubio was trying to use a person that many in the base consider ‘the devil.’ Rubio forgot one thing. You can’t say George Bush ‘kept us safe’ when he was the President on 9-11. Furthermore, it is now extremely well known that he outright ignored the ‘Bin Laden determined to attack in the United States’ briefing that clearly warned of what was to come.

Donald Trump, who also mentioned that he had ‘hundreds of friends’ that died in the attack, wasn’t going to let that stand. Ignoring Reagan’s 11th commandment, Trump took Rubio’s head off pointing out some facts. One doesn’t have to endorse or even like Trump to realize he was right. What Rubio said flies in the face of logic.

Of course, what Trump misses here is that he makes us all wonder how much better things might have been under a Gore Presidency. Rubio also reminded us that republicans also still cannot wrap their head around the fact that Iraq and 9-11 have nothing to do with each other. Saddam wasn’t involved in 9-11, nor did he have the WMD’s the administration claimed it had.

Check out the explosive clip HERE:


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