Man Assaulted At Trump Rally And His Attacker Speak Out — Jaw Dropping (VIDEO)

This is the type of thing that many said ‘was bound to happen.’ A man, Rakim Jones, was sucker punched in clear view of not one but multiple police officers, then thrown to the ground and handcuffed and detained as if he was the one throwing a punch. His attacker, John McGraw, got to sit back down and enjoy the rest of the rally. he was only arrested after video surfaced of the event. All of this can be seen in the video posted below.

In the interview part of the video below, even MSNBC anchor, Kate Snow is literally flabbergasted how the event actually unfolded. How the man who got assaulted was treated like the criminal.

Oh, do we need to mention the victim here was black and the attacker is white? In case you didn’t guess that, they were.

Jones and four others were thrown out less than a minute into the event. According to them, they were not ‘protesting’ but just observing and listening. As they were being escorted out, Trump himself told them to ‘go home to your mother.’ Jones mother is deceased. As one might imagine, he took offense to that and gave ‘the finger’ to the crowd that cheered Trump’s classless comment. Trump’s campaign says they ‘were not involved.’ Jones disagrees.

‘John McGraw was proud of himself for assaulting someone who was no threat to him.

‘You bet I liked it, clocking the hell out of that big mouth.’ he also told Inside Edition ‘We don’t know if he’s ISIS, we don’t know who he is.’ Adding, ‘The next time we see him, we might have to kill him.’ 

One has to wonder who he means by ‘we.’

Ronnie Rouse, who filmed the event and made the video public summed up why people are outraged at this blatant racism and unfair treatment;

The thing is, the disturbing part is isn’t that he got hit / struck in the face. It happened in front of multiple law enforcement officers … the guy went home that night. Today they say ‘we got the guy’ … You could of had him last night.’  Later he adds … ‘you would think Rakim was the one who threw the punch.’

Rouse does his best not to play any ‘race cards’ but it is hard not to consider how obvious everything is when you see the video.

Watch the incredible footage AND interview HERE:

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