Lone Hero Stands Up to Open Carry Bullies Who Assault Him on Video!

It’s been three years since 26 people were murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary school, twenty of whom were toddlers. Since then, not a single piece of legislation has passed that might curb yet another atrocity because NRA stooges that comprise the entire republican party prefer the blood on their hands to the truly limitless amounts of campaign cash that NRA hucksters are willing to expend to have those cold-blooded unethical miscreants ignore the “well regulated militia” part of the 2nd amendment.

What has arisen is a movement among the flaccid intellectual primitives who are so weak in every conceivable way that they feel the need to carry assault rifles as part of the “Open Carry” bowel movement. As more and more atrocities numb our collective consciousness to children being murdered en masse by crazed right-wingers, the scared lunatics that bemoan any sensible background checks as an affront to ‘their right’ seek to inflict more traumas on anniversaries like Sandy Hook.

On November 4th, the NRA was delivered its first defeat in the nation when Washington passed Initiative 594 by a 60% margin. It was a closing of gun show loopholes in the background checks that criminals and gun runners use to usurp normal background checks. After Sandy Hook, polls showed that the American people supported universal background checks by 80%. It doesn’t really matter what the people think when the NRA wholly owns the entire republican party.

Gunbilly lunatics were not deterred about exercising ‘their rights’ to carry assault weapons wherever they damn well wanted and met up to protest the passage of I594. That’s when the cowardly bullies ran into something they never expected, a man who was not afraid of them and his name is Michael Weaver.

More than 50 people gathered outside the Spokane County Courthouse to protest the new law. That’s when Michael showed these cowardly bullies what bravery actually was. One of the goons can be heard screaming, “your freedom was guaranteed by god!”

The video clearly shows that the gun-toting imbeciles were the aggressors here with the mannish unnamed woman backing into his camera and stepping on him. Michael pushes her off of him. That’s when she turned and grabbed him around the neck.

“I went there because I really have a problem with people that think they can stir good-hearted people that want a safe and positive change in a community into their violent paranoia that they themselves are responsible for creating.”

That’s when you can hear one of the gun-nuts screaming, “shoot him.” The vulgar hypocrisy of these batshit loons escapes them completely. Michael also stated,

“The speaker riled up the crowd and told them lawmakers could not make them give up a right that god had given them and that it was time to overtake those people.”

Apparently in the demented minds of these hapless nitwits, Jesus wrote the constitution right after he won the Murikan Revolution!

The next bit of video was captured by another attendee of the rally that shows the cowardly bullies for the liars they are. They are the ones manhandling Michael and putting him on the ground with their knees in his back while trying to handcuff him with zip ties.

“How are people supposed to feel like they can conduct law and order when there is the threat of being confronted by an angry mob of gun-toting maniacs there to intimidate them at the courthouse? I was offended by their choice to force me to live by their un-democratically made up rule for me to live by their guns and obsession with violence on the anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting.”

Now watch these “upstanding” citizens violate Michael Weaver’s rights while impersonating law-enforcement just before the dastardly Spokane Police Department swoop in to put Michael in cuffs when he was the one being threatened and assaulted.

“Under a government which imprisons any unjustly, the true place for a just man is also a prison” Thoreau

Spokane police cited Michael for the laughable offense of city assault, city code 10.11.010 which is fourth degree assault. Had the police bothered to actually do their jobs instead of protecting the lunatics with no regard for public safety or the law, then they might not be worthy of the annual Clownshoe Cop Awards which they so richly deserve.

“My goal at the rally was accomplished by drawing out the true nature of the people involved with it. They showed instability mentally, a misunderstanding of the law and a predisposition to act violently and lie for one another. Those are not character traits of good people.”

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