The Top 10 Differences Between Liberals And Conservatives

There is a bunch of hype over the American political struggle between blue and red, or left and right, or the Democratic party and the Republican party or Liberals and Conservatives. The differences between Liberals and Conservatives in America are like the difference between fire and ice. We truly are polar opposites on the political spectrum both in our belief systems and in the actions we carry out in our daily lives. While we sometimes find a happy medium or a common ground upon which we can actually agree on a specific issue, these occurrences are extremely rare in addition to being very far and few between.

Simply put, liberalsĀ are primarily concerned with the overall betterment and forward progression of our society while Conservatives have seemingly grown accustomed to perpetually residing on the wrong or losing side of history. Here are the top 10 differences between Liberals and Conservatives for those who may still be on the fence as to where their beliefs and loyalties actually lie.

10). Liberals believe in regulating the average American’s access to firearms due to statistical evidence that (you may want to take a seat before reading this one) firearms actually kill people. While Conservatives are more than comfortable parroting the tired old N.R.A. line that guns don’t kill people, people kill people, however, what they neglect to get through their thick skulls is the fact that if those same people did not have access to firearms to begin with, there would be a considerable amount less casualties as a result.

9). Liberals are 100% against racism in all of it’s ugliest forms. No matter how much Conservatives rationalize and sensationalize this fact to fit right into their manipulative little “Southern strategy” to try to gain votes among a party-less group of mostly Southerners who have no one left to vote for. During the 1960’s the democratic party officially denounced racism in any form among it’s ranks and the Conservatives fed on this newly created void like hungry sharks.

8). Liberals believe that when you protect the rights of the individual you are ensuring that individual’s personal freedom. We believe that everyone in a society should be treated fairly and therefore taxed accordingly, while Conservatives who claim to be “fiscally Conservative” are only classified in such a way when it concerns the ultra wealthy in our society. They believe that since the wealthiest 1% of Americans worked hard for their fortunes (as if the rest of us don’t work hard just to stay afloat) they are somehow entitled to pay a lower tax rate than the majority of Americans and somehow by allowing the rich to hoard as much money as possible – it is supposed to stimulate the economy? This belief is called “Voodoo” or “Trickle Down” economics and has been America’s greatest blunder since the 1980’s when President Reagan first introduced it.

7). Liberals believe that whatever takes place inside of a woman’s own body is 100% that woman’s choice, if she happens to get pregnant and decides it just isn’t time for whatever reason that aborting the pregnancy is her choice and her decision alone to make. Most Liberals also hold the belief that if you happen to have a penis, your opinion is moot and you need to worry about yourself a little more often. Conservatives on the other hand want to regulate every aspect of pregnancy, which they pull out (pun intended) of Christian doctrine which has absolutely nothing to do with the U.S. Constitution or the personal liberties which every American is entitled to.

6). Liberals believe in the concept that we need to take care of our own citizens before we can scour the globe looking for the next third world country like Vietnam, Iraq, or Afghanastan that has a virtually endless supply of some natural resource such as opium poppy (opiates) or petroleum (oil) that we have convinced ourselves that we need. So the American government stages an elaborate show to the general public and then declares all out war on these otherwise harmless nations under the guise of Democracy, or better yet Terrorism, so that our citizens have no problem with the infinite enlargement of the military industrial complex because we are constantly at war with someone somewhere. We also serve our country at a rate of nearly 2 to 1 vs. our Conservative counterparts who are so intent on starting wars and sending troops to fight these wars because they know that our kids, not their’s are the ones risking everything for the country that Conservatives accuse them of hating so much.

5). Liberals believe that our government should care for those who cannot otherwise care for themselves through things like Social Welfare programs such as the S.N.A.P. (food stamp) program, emergency housing programs, H.E.A.P., Social Security, medicaid, medicare, and the affordable care act (Obamacare) to name only a few. While Conservatives love to pretend that they are about “reducing the size of government” and “getting America out of debt” yet when they never consider taking the money that this requires from the astronomical salaries of our own elected officials, which would simultaneously chip away at our debt while also reducing the overall size and therefore role of our government. No, Conservatives cant do this because they are obsessed with more and more and even more money, it is this paradoxical love affair with capital that runs the mind of every single “fiscal” and “small government” Conservative in America today.

4). Liberals are content with allowing the men and women that we elect into office do the jobs that we elected them to do and in turn govern the American people. Conservatives are way too comfortable with cutting funding to government programs as long as those programs don’t concern firearms or oil. A perfect example of a Conservative who did this very thing is Conservative icon Ronald Reagan who cut government funding to mental health programs nationwide and as a direct result, America is facing the largest homelessness epidemic we have ever seen, this is the real American Conservative legacy! Perhaps it was just Karmic justice that a schizophrenic shot Reagan?

3). Conservatives are notorious for labeling themselves as “Patriots, or patriotic” in an extremely manipulative attempt to demonize anyone who views things differently from their own clouded religious ideologies. First off America was founded and settled by a small group of Classical Liberals, and our nations cornerstone is that our diversity is our actual strength, the fact that we are not commanded to think or act how the ruling class dictates we should, is as liberal as it gets. However, to be a Conservative today, one has to become comfortable with being wrong about nearly every issue one could ever imagine.

2). Liberals believe in the core issue that America was founded upon and that is religious freedom. Conservatives are known for claiming that Liberals have waged war on Christianity and that is a flat out lie. How could we wage war on something which we believe everyone is entitled to? There are Liberals in every religion in existence today , we have Christians, Muslims, Jews, Atheists, Agnostics, Deists, Pantheists, Buddhists and the list goes on and on. While Conservatives, for the most part claim to be Christian in theory, despite the fact that most Conservatives live extremely un-Christ-like lives. Ironically though, if Conservatives happened to live the Christ-like live’s which they claim to, they would undoubtedly be Liberals!

1). Modern day Conservatives are essentially like the loud mouthed, selfish, greedy, delusional bully that every child has to deal with when growing up. They do an awful lot of accusing, name calling and pushing their shitty ideas on the rest of our society, but when push actually comes to shove they get knocked off their soap box’s each and every time, without fail! Liberals are essentially like the children who always see right through the tough guy image that these bullies project outward towards everyone they are actually secretly afraid of, deep down inside and are not intimidated by this tough as nails facade that they have spent their entire lifetime’s both perfecting and relying upon.

To be a Conservative today, one has to be extremely comfortable with being wrong on nearly everything, but also in associating themselves with racists, bigots, homophobes, misogynists, sexists, religious extremists, home grown terrorists and the person they like and respect the least in our society, themselves. To be a Conservative you are essentially accepting the fact that every story must have a villain and since someone must be the villain, you may as well be the best one that you can be, it is second nature for Conservatives and they are the only people who are blind to this unfortunate fact.


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