The Liberal Redneck #122 “Pass the Popcorn”

LR the Liberal Redneck here, coming to you from a country that has turned the election of the leader of the free world into a gigantic three ring circus. It has become virtually impossible to even remotely imagine what is going to happen next.

Bernie Sanders officially endorsed Hillary Clinton and then sent out a message to his supporters to stick with him through the Democratic convention. What kind of ridiculous game is he playing? At least he also told his hardcore followers to suck it up and vote for Hillary.

Then there is The Donald. The presumptive nominee of the Republican party has alienated so many in his own party that multiple plans to deny him the nomination have formed in spite of the fact that his supporters have overwhelmingly voted to make him their choice. He has also caused a mass exodus of corporate supporters who traditionally underwrite the cost of the convention.

In my lifetime I have never seen big money turn their backs on the Republican Party. The Donald is having great difficulty in even finding high profile Republicans willing to speak on his behalf at the convention. He is down to his wife, the model, Tim Tebow, the Christian (Who just bailed) and Ted Cruz, the anti-christ, and it looks like the Gov. of Indiana, an ultra right wing conservative who thinks businesses should be able to deny services based on their “religious beliefs”, and who is in a very tight re-election campaign of his own, Mike Pence, will be his Vice President unless disgraced former speaker Newt Gingrich can change his mind.

Some answers will be coming out of the conventions this month. All we can do at this point is get comfortable, turn on the television and pass the popcorn. History is amazing and we are privy to have ringside seats to the craziest political events our nation has ever witnessed.


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