Tucker Carlson Teams Up With A Hate Group To Bash Kids (Video)

Tucker Carlson can eat a fat dick

Tucker Carlson has been on a tangent lately defending groups labeled by the Southern Poverty Law Center as hate groups. Recently, Carlson accused the SPLC of being biased in what they label a hate group because these groups usually have a far to the right bent.

While discrediting the SPLC, Tucker Carlson comes to the defense of a hate group: The Alliance Defending Freedom — a group dedicated to defending one’s religion as an excuse to hate people. Watch:

Of course, this is all a targeted white-lash from conservatives that want to be bigoted without being labeled bigoted. They feel they should have the right to treat people like shit based off how they look or who they sleep with without any repercussions.

Now Tucker Carlson is defending yet another hate group that targets the LGBTQ community: The American College Of Pediatricians (ACPed). Sounds legit right? What kind of doctor would be a bigoted piece of trash?

Oh, wait, it just looks like they happen to be the approximately 200 physicians that broke away from the American Academy of Pediatricians after the AAP came out in support of people in the LGBTQ community fostering and adopting children in 2002.

Yes, the American College of Pediatricians are some really hateful smart people. They would rather the children remain parentless and unloved than to have somebody that isn’t cisgender raise that child in a loving and accepting home.

Tucker Carlson, in his eagerness to discredit the Southern Poverty Law Center, decided to have the president of this hate group on the air to bash transgender youth and their parents. Enter┬áDr. Michelle Cretella, a perpetrator of junk science and debunked theories. Of course, the Fox News viewership can hardly be considered scientifically savvy even on a layman’s level.

The bad doctor made many claims that Tucker reported as if they were factual giving his audience zero facts to actually refute the bogus assertions. Everything the doctor said has been thoroughly debunked by the scientific community. She is like the 3% of scientists that don’t believe in the science supporting climate change. And Tucker Carlson legitimized her.

So now there are thousands of conservatives with the belief that parents with transgender kids are committing acts of abuse and sterilizing their children. This has the potential to cost people their lives as we have seen happen in the past from propaganda of a similar bent as this. If it does cost somebody their life, that blood will be on Tucker’s hands.

As a side note before I show you this video of Carlson turning into a hate group apologist:

This kind of hatred drove a dear friend of mine to suicide in 2016. She was a kind soul and too sweet for this world. She didn’t deserve the hatred she dealt with on a daily basis but she received it anyway, always turning to her friends like myself for the love and support she so desperately needed.

Those of us that are born with the sexual orientation and gender we prefer will never understand what it is like to be born as somebody you just know isn’t truly “you.” As a cisgender white male, I will never feel what that is like: To wish I was a different gender than what I came into the world as or to deal with the unfounded hatred shown to trans individuals. To hate people for it is something I find absolutely disgusting. That hate cost my friend her life.

Sweet Auggy, you are remembered and still loved by many walking the Earth. Especially those of us here at American News X where you have so many friends. Rest easy.

Without further ado, here’s Tucker Carlson showing the world he is a bigot on Fox News:


Featured image of a shit stain via screen capture from YouTube

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