Trump’s Transgender Trap For Rust Belt Democrats Is Diabolical And Disgusting

A savvy political reporter reveals the convoluted reasoning behind Donald Trump's sudden ban on transgender people in the military.

A savvy political reporter reveals the convoluted reasoning behind Donald Trump’s sudden ban on transgender people in the military.

In his infinite quest to alienate every voting group that aren’t angry white racists while destroying everything President Obama has ever done, Trump just announced that the United States will no longer “accept or allow” transgender people in the United States Military.  The man who received multiple deferments and never worked a day in his life somehow feels transgender people must not be worthy enough to die to enrich military contractors. But seriously, his rationale is as big a fat lie as you might think.

“Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail,” said Trump

That is yet another lie since the NY Times found that the policy affects a very small portion of the military and the costs are totally negligible.

But this is just the tip of the viceberg, or at least according to one savvy reporter.

Jonathan Swan, a political reporter, spoke with a surprisingly candid Trump official regarding the decision to ban transgender people from serving. What he found out was shocking but not surprising given how disgusting this sh*t show has been.

“Just spoke to a Trump administration official about the transgender military decision. Here’s what they said,” Swan explains. He then added an image with the statement.

Quote from a Trump administration official: “This forces Democrats in Rust Belt states like Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin, to take complete ownership of this issue. How will the blue collar voters in these states respond when these senators up for re-election in 2018 like Debbie Stabenow are forced to make their opposition to this a key plank of their campaigns?”

Here’s the tweet.

Apparently his voting suppression mafia is simply not enough to ensure Republican rule; he now has to make it even harder for Democrats to dance around this deliberate culture warrior issue while not pissing off rural voters. Moreover, the Trump administration is doing this to force Democrats to defend transgender people who will presumably alienate people in the Rust Belt.

Let’s face it here: Trump is in very deep sh*t and Pence, the more savvy Washingtonian and man who could really impose theocratic rule, knows that Trump is in trouble. Trump cares only about himself and how he can get richer, as well as get his stupid name on buildings. That said, he could give a crap about transgender people in the military so long as the wars fatten his wallet. This sudden departure in military policy has Pence’s thumbprint all over it, which allows for him to hide while Trump looks like the a-hole. Like everyone, he knows that Trump;s days are numbered and he would love to have any policy that seeks to harm the LGBT community for when he assumes office.

And if you don’t believe me that Trump is a massive hypocrite when it comes to LGBT issues, just peep this tweet from 2016.

I rest my case.

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