Kurt Eichenwald Just Dropped An Atomic Twitter Bomb On Trump

Kurt Eichenwald
(image via Newsweek)

Kurt Eichenwald is a veteran journalist and senior writer working for Newsweek. He also works as a contributing editor for Vanity Fair as well as authoring four New York Times bestselling novels. Kurt Eichenwald is also two time recipient of the George Polk award for excellence in journalism as well as a Pulitzer Prize finalist.

And for six months he has had his investigative prowess focused on Donald Trump.

Kurt Eichenwald Releases An Unholy Twitter Storm

In what may be the most intense Twitter storm ever, Kurt Eichenwald just blasted every finding of his investigation onto Twitter.

Everything is there. Even findings that show Trump never graduated with his MBA from Wharton. A degree that Trump has touted for years.

Eichenwald slams Trump over his alleged “small loan of 1 million dollars” stating that is what was in Trump’s trust fund and that his father actually gave him 10.4 million for a bogus consulting job.

If Donald Trump so much as stole a cookie and lied about it to his mother, Kurt Eichenwald knows about it. If Trump so much as farted in an elevator over the last 40 years, Eichenwald sniffed it out and knew who the culprit was.

Kurt intimates to his Twitter followers every detail and the findings are almost terrifying. The details of which seem to point to the deep-seated mental issues of a compulsive liar.

Over the course of 6 hours – with only a couple of breaks – Kurt hit again and again slamming Trump in just about every lie he has ever told and every crime he has ever committed. All fact checked by an award-winning journalist.

Below are just some of my favorites of the 129 vicious facts about Trump but I implore you, dear reader, to go to Eichenwald’s Twitter page and see it for yourself. It is truly glorious.

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