Krystal Ball Totally Shuts-Up Trump Apologist With One Killer Line (Video)

Today, one of MSNBC’s rising stars, Steve Kornacki had Krystal Ball and Matt Schlapp on for a roundtable discussion. That, in itself, isn’t unusual. All cable news networks have such things just about every hour of every day. Ball, representing the Democratic side, was seriously out debating Schlapp, who shamelessness is only rivaled by Sean Spicer and exceeded perhaps by Kellyanne Conway.

Ball seemingly nailed her best blow when she pointed out that all of Donald Trump’s recent flip-flopping has been going from the wild stuff he said while on the campaign trail to what most would call more “conventional” governance stances. He went from calling NATO obsolete to saying they weren’t — the “conventional” position. He went from saying China is a “Currency manipulator” to saying specifically that they “were not a currency manipulator.” Again, the conventional position. He went from wearing he would fire Janet Yellen (head of the Fed) to saying he’s probably going to keep her on — like most people think is the right idea.

All Schlapp could counter with was “I disagree.” He offered nothing further to back his statement.

Ball saved her best for last, however. She began talking about how his presidency is being compromised by the fact that he, or at least his campaign, were being investigated for treason. Schlapp thought he could throw out the recent GOP talking point line about it not being him (Trump) being investigated and there was no way that it was for treason.

Ball fired back:

“His campaign is being looked at for colluding with the Russians which I would call treason, I don’t know how else you would define it.”

Schlapp couldn’t define it any other way. He spoke no more as the segment wrapped up. Check, and mate.

Check out the clip below. Note Steve Kornacki’s face after Krystal Ball “drops the bomb” on Schlapp:

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