Keith Olbermann Puts Trump Supporters In Their Place In Less Than 3 Minutes (VIDEO)

Keith Olbermann has been feared by conservative journalists and politicians alike. His rapier wit and razor edge cutting humor has found it’s mark on Lou Dobbs as well as politicians like George Bush Junior. Keith also rips into hacks like Rush Limbaugh, Nancy Grace, and Bill O’Reilly. He has roasted Trump like a flabby marshmallow over a campfire. Now he levels his hawk-like gaze at the rabble casting their ballots for him.

“What you see as your solution will, in fact, end with your slavery.” – Keith Olbermann

The Donald has made a long history of ripping people off and hiring undocumented workers. From contractors to business partners, his practices show a lack of integrity. Donald has made his fortune on the backs of others. So we may find it quite surprising that his voting base is made mostly of white, working class Americans.

What isn’t surprising is that Trump seems to do remarkably well with uneducated, ill-informed voters. Voters that think immigrants are taking their jobs while simultaneously being lazy moochers suckling at the government teat. Voters that feel racism is over and that black lives matter is a terrorist organization. Voters that think Obama is a Muslim and that Michelle Obama is transgender.

These are the people that started the Tea Party movement that has swung moderate Republican politicians so far right their former positions seem almost liberal. A movement of the very vocal minority of the Republican constituency that has usurped the party and left the moderates with nowhere to go like an overflowing river.

The Tea Party “patriots” have had politicians scrambling for their jobs in a pandering frenzy that has turned into a dangerous game of misinformation in an inane attempt to direct their anger and rage at political opponents. All to no avail. These far right misinformed voters are seemingly on the attack against anyone they vote into office unless that politician obstructs any progress that could be made in the best interests of our nation.

These “patriots” threaten civil war and bloodshed of fellow Americans if their demands for an increasingly fascist form of government are not met. They stock pile weapons in preparation of some illusive liberal gun grab and then threaten anyone that happens to disagree with them. The cries of “go back to your own country” and “love it or leave it” contradicting their own hate and unfounded disgruntled attitudes toward the very nation they claim to love.

And these people love to vote. Please get to the polls on November 8th. And please enjoy Keith Olbermann ripping them a new one below.

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