Kentucky GOP Pushes Bill To Shield Clerks From The Constitution That Refuse To Issue Marriage Licenses (VIDEO)


After Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear ordered county clerks in the state to comply with the recent Supreme Court decision that made marriages between same sex couples legal and constitutional, Republicans are trying yet another stunt that amounts to another GOP temper tantrum over not being able to oppress others at will as they see fit.

The bill, introduced by Rep. Stan Lee (R-Lexington), and Rep. David Meade (R-Stanford), of Kentucky’s House of Representatives, would allow clerks to deny marriage licenses based on religious beliefs and protect them from liability for doing so, the Courier-Journal reports.

“This proposal simply seeks to further protect religious freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment,” Lee told the local paper.

Except it doesn’t. What is constitutional is the couples’ right to marry. What is constitutional is an employee who works for the state to do their duties or resign, just as Governor Beshear recommended. The bill also takes on the non-issue of churches being punished for refusing to perform the wedding ceremony. Something that isn’t happening by any reliable accounts anywhere. Of course, this isn’t the first time the GOP has fought a foe that doesn’t exist or exist in the context that they paint.

Two clerks in particular have gained media attention by being particularly vocal on the issue;

Two clerks, Kim Davis and Casey Davis, have been particularly vocal about their refusals to issue same-sex marriage licenses.

“Nature’s law will supercede any law that man puts on a piece of paper,” Casey County clerk Casey Davis had told reporters. “That’s why I’ve taken the stand that I have taken. I don’t agree that this lifestyle agrees with nature’s law.”

Putting aside the fact that being homosexual is not a “lifestyle choice” but inherent in one’s DNA, it has not been reported whether either of the defiant Davis’s have ever refused a marriage license for anyone else’s “immoral life choices” as they see it.

What is known is that at least one Davis, Kim Davis was downright despicable and some say abusive in refusing this couple’s license recently.

See her great christian values on display HERE:


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