Kellyanne Conway Called Out For Her Shameless Lies: “You Are The Darkness” (Video)

Shamelessness and politics go hand in hand. That is a truth that is as old as politics. There are countless examples out there of politicians in one way or another denying a reality or “spinning” their own truths. This election cycle, however, Kellyanne Conway took things to a new level. Indeed, she is one that would argue that 2+2 does not equal 4 if it served her political purpose. Her “alternative facts” line for some, pretty much summed up the Trump campaign and its lack of concern for actual facts when spinning their narrative.

Today, Kellyanne Conway attended an event (see video below …) at Washington’s Newseum, a museum dedicated to the media. The forum had political types like former Bush Press Secretary Ari Fleisher, longtime Clinton aide Jen Palmeri and current Press Secretary, Sean Spicer. They, along with Conway, were interviewed on the subject of their relationship with the press.

Conway was interviewed by the acclaimed journalist, Michael Wolff. Most of the interview was pretty mundane until Wolff decided it was time to confront the purveyor of “alternative facts” directly:

Wolff: How personal do you take this?

Conway: How personal do I take what?

Wolff: This coverage of you … “democracy dies in darkness.” Because I’m gonna tell you when they say “democracy dies in darkness”– you are the darkness.

Conway: I’m not the darkness. Didn’t you see the skit, “Walking on Sunshine?”

Conway went on to say, “It’s like I tell small children. Just because someone says something doesn’t make it true.”

Did you catch that? Wolff confronted her directly about her lies. Conway’s reply was to refer to a Saturday Night Live spoof of her that featured the song “Walking on Sunshine” playing as Kellyanne spent her days spinning and lying for Trump. In her mind, the happy song is somehow “proof” of her not being “darkness.” This despite the fact that the whole skit’s premise is playing up her shameless lying for Donald Trump.

Her second explanation was to refer to small children, who are apparently easily swayed by her arguments. Conway may be able to fool small children, but in the adult world, her name has essentially become a synonym for lies, or “alternative facts” as she infamously calls them.

Check out the clip of the interview with Wolff below and below that see the SNL skit that she thinks “vindicates” her from being “the darkness.”

SNL’s “Walking on Sunshine” spoof:

One small piece of advice … Kellyanne, you may want to take the “just because somebody says something, it doesn’t make it true” to heart if you ever have a self-reflective moment.



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