Keith Exposes Trump’s ‘Cabinet Of Villains’ One By One (VIDEO)

There simply is no historical or political comparison when it comes to Donald Trump’s selections for positions in his administration according to Keith Olbermann. The only comparison that can be made is that of old Batman villains. The crew that the filmmakers of the old Adam West movie called the ‘United Underworld.’ Olbermann suggests we can dub this crew ‘Citizens United Underground.’ He then went on to expose each — one by one. (see video below …)

First up, and possibly the best of the group is Trump’s selection for Defense Secretary — General James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis. He noted once that it is ‘fun to shoot some people.’ It is also important to point out that technically Mattis isn’t even eligible to be appointed to the post since he has not been retired from the military for the required seven years. Even if he gets a ‘waiver’ to get around that rule, it won’t change the fact that Mattis is a board member for the defense contracting giant, General Dynamics.

And he’s the ‘best’ of the gang.

Next up, Education Secretary nominee Betsy DeVos. She likes to spend public education money on religious schools. She has been quoted as saying doing so advances ‘God’s work.’

Secretary of Health and Human Services nominee Tom Price belongs to an organization that opposes vaccinations in schools. the same group has pushed the false links between abortion and breast cancer. To top it off, they have published articles that say that President Obama wasn’t just a good speaker but was hypnotizing his audiences in some secret way.

Moving on to Attorney General pick Jeff Sessions — a guy who used to prosecute black people for voting. He also allegedly called the NAACP and ACLU ‘unamerican.’

Then there’s Mitch McConnell’s wife Elaine Chao, who used to work for the Bush administration as Labor Secretary. During her tenure then, she specialized in losing mining inspectors and reducing inspections. Shortly after she accomplished that goal, 18 miners, and three rescue workers  died in two separate incidents that inspections might have prevented. Keith also points out that just being married to McConnell might suggest a lack of any good judgment whatsoever, even before one gets to her disgraceful record.

Wilbur Ross is who Trump wants as Commerce Secretary. Ross’s latest investment genius includes a dried up investment fund. That fund dried up when Ross bet heavily on Greek banks.

Then there’s Steve Mnuchin. A real sweetheart who foreclosed on a 90-year-old woman over a payment error of 27 cents.

Olbermann looks at some of the other potential members of the ‘Citizen’s United Underground.’ Those who are good bets to get other appointments not yet named. People like Sid Miller (Agriculture) who likes to spread fake news including fake reports about the ‘secret Houston jihad camp’ that doesn’t exist. People like Jan Brewer, who once insisted the desert in her state was filled with severed heads (it isn’t). People like former nude model Scott Brown who is vying to be the next head of the VA.

Let’s not forget about Gary Cohn, who is being considered to run the Office of Management and Budget. He comes from Goldman- Sachs. Yeah, the same Goldman Sachs Trump insisted Hillary Clinton was corrupt because she dared give a speech to them — and didn’t do it for free. The same Goldman-Sachs that Trump supporters harassed Ted Cruz about because his wife used to work there.

You may know David Clarke from his frequent appearances on Fox News, especially Sean Hannity’s program. Clarke had four inmates die under his watch, and when someone dared criticize him for it, Clarke tried to use the power of his office to have the person investigated. He also called for people to break out ‘torches and pitchforks’ if Trump lost the election. His tune changed post-election, calling for protesters to be ‘quelled’ by any means necessary.

Keith also addresses the false equivalencies made about the net worth of Trump’s picks and President Obama’s picks. The fact of the matter is, all of Obama’s picks combined are about one-fifth of the net worth of just Ross and about one-tenth of what DeVos and her family are worth. There is no comparison.

If all this wasn’t enough, Keith saves probably the worst of this band of billionaire villains and ex-generals for last. National Security Advisor nominee General Michael Flynn. Flynn is another who likes to spread fake news. He and his (adult) son were big on spreading the lie that Clinton and John Podesta, her long-time ally and campaign manager were secretly running an illicit sex ring out of a D.C. pizza parlor. Those lies led to a man showing up at the business and firing shots as he was ‘self-investigating’ Flynn’s charges. Add to that his opinion that CNN and MSNBC are ‘state-run’ media sources. Add to that his association with the Russian government since his retirement. That’s the guy Trump wants in the room to tell him when and where to ‘blow things up.’

A group so over the top that people think they cannot exist — but they do. Unlike Batman movies, this is real.

Check out Olbermann’s commentary on this band of villains below;


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