Keith Olbermann Slams Trump’s YouTube Presidential Address (VIDEO)

Keith Olbermann

For the first time ever we have a President-elect that is shunning the media and instead gives his Presidential Addresses on YouTube. And Keith Olbermann has something to say about it.

Trump abandons his press pool to have opulent dinners at New York restaurants when it suits him while promising large tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. Meanwhile, his tax plans for the middle class have some of their rates climbing to cover the gap. It seems we are in for another upward redistribution of American wealth.

Keith Olbermann Smashes Pandering Donald

Donald Trump has pandered unendingly in his campaign for President of the United States. He has made promises that he simply cannot keep, at least not if he doesn’t want to violate the very constitution that he will soon be sworn to defend.

He has called for a national database on Muslim-Americans and has called for religious tests on those that wish to enter the nation. Some Trump surrogates are even using the heinous Japanese internment camps of World War 2 as precedent for this gross affront to the constitutional rights of our fellow Americans.

From the Trump Wall to jailing people that practice their first amendment rights, Trump in the very next breath, calls for unity among Americans. Does he even know what he is saying anymore? Or is this simply vapid verbal diarrhea that runs down his chin unchecked?

Sure the message is what you would hope out of a President-elect. A call for unity, a call for change in Washington D.C, and sending a message of protecting our neighbors. But how can anyone take this seriously when he says we should deport children or takes to Twitter in his midnight ramblings to bash Democrats and the overwhelming majority of Americans that DID NOT VOTE FOR HIM?

Keith Olbermann is right to dog this man at every turn. Watch the video below as Keith calls out Trump on every nonsensical thing he said in his YouTube Presidential Address.


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