Keith Olbermann: The Least Important, Most Symbolic Problem With Trump

Joey No Socks symbolic for trump problems Keith Olbermann
Keith Olbermann lays out why the least of the problems with Trump is symbolic for all of them

Keith Olbermann has just brought to our attention a problem with Trump. One he fully admits is not the most important problem. However, as Olbermann says, it may be the most symbolic of all of them. That problem has a name, and that name is Joey No Socks.

Donald Trump has spent the last 16 years celebrating New Year’s eve, including the one before his inauguration, with him. Not just a funny name, Joey No Socks, like many other nicknamed grown men, has been linked to organized crime.

Trump and Joey No Socks
Trump and Joey No Socks

This man, Mr. No Socks, who is known for those shady connections is also involved in Trump’s family, his parties, giving Trump businesses awards, and decades of attending Trump events. While the world is scratching their heads over how the hell this happened, we really didn’t need to have our incoming administration linked to illegal activities and the groups that control them. Who needs self-respect anyway.

No, this connection is not an overwhelming problem. Especially not in comparison to him wanting to throw millions of Americans off of their insurance. That decision will cost tens of thousands of lives per year. However, his buddying up to such a colorful figure, so close to his inauguration is something that makes the United States look just a little bit less reputable. Our President-elect flanked by a man named Joey No Socks. Who Trump has invited to his side for sixteen years, yet denies knowing

Joey No Socks is actually named Joseph Cinque. Kieth Olbermann has his story in the video below. The story that Keith Olbermann tells lacks transparency, shows several marked┬áconflict of interest, attempts to gaslight away old behaviors, looks fishy, smells worse, rests on brash hyper-masculinity to pull off and lack of circumspection and honor to even attempt. Symbolic indeed for the problems of Trump’s impending hostile takeover.

Watch Olbermann here, courtesy of Yotube:

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