Keith Olbermann Is Calling It ‘Case Closed’ On Trump Campaign Collusion (Video)

Keith Olbermann

Keith Olbermann is calling it “case closed” on Trump campaign collusion with Russia after Jared Kushner testified in closed session in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee.  His reasoning? What Olbermann is calling “4 Titanic facts.”

Fact number 1:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions lied under oath to Senator Al Franken in regards to meetings he had with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

Sessions has since recused himself from any investigation into the Trump campaign. A move even former mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani says was the right one to make.

Unsurprisingly, Trump does not agree and has taken to bashing Sessions at every turn tweeting this morning about Sessions being weak on Hillary Clinton.

Fact number 2 on Keith Olbermann’s list:

That Sessions did, in fact, meet with the Russian ambassador to the United States is further evidence that there was intent to collude with the Russian government.

That Sessions felt the need to lie about this meeting tells us that there was likely something to hide. Something, perhaps, nefarious in its nature.

Fun fact number 3:

Jared Kushner now confirms reporting that alleged he tried to set up back channels of communication with the Kremlin. Kushner even suggested using Russian diplomatic facilities for clandestine communications with Moscow. Admitting this is quite possibly the nail in the coffin on this case but Keith Olbermann has just one more:

Fact number 4:

The fact that the Trump administration, time and time again, has made attempts to cover up these dealings with the Russians. Trump has attacked every major media outlet that has reported on his connections to Russia. Trump has even attacked our intelligence and law enforcement agencies as well as Special Counsel Robert Mueller in an attempt to discredit any of their findings.

Not to mention Trump Jr.’s email chain setting up a meeting with a Russian lawyer to receive damaging information on Hillary Clinton from the Kremlin. A meeting Kushner, Trump Jr., and Paul Manafort attended.

Donald Trump has continuously acted in a way which has disgraced the office of President of the United States and he must be removed from office for the security of our nation.

Watch Keith Olbermann break it all down below:

Featured image via screen capture.

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