Katy Tur’s Postmortem On Trump’s UN Speech Is Dead On, And Terrifying: ‘This Is What Trump Voters Want’

katy tur un speech response
Katy Tur, via Instagram

Katy Tur just delivered a four tweet postmortem on Trump’s speech to the UN. A speech that CNN called a “pugnacious escalation” to tensions between the US and North Korea. Tur’s simple statement chilled me to the bone.

Trump took the UN podium and brandished American might like a fat middle finger:

In blunt terms, Trump warned the US would “totally destroy North Korea” if forced to defend itself or its allies. He said while the US has “great strength and patience,” its options could soon run out.

Directly putting the country’s leader on notice, Trump suggested Kim Jong Un could not survive an American attack.

“Rocket Man is on a suicide mission for himself,” he said.

Tur tweeted:

That speech was what Trump voters wanted. Someone not afraid to say what needed to be said. Someone who projects strength without nuance. 1/

“Strength without nuance.” Let that sink in.

We are teetering on the brink of a war with a nuclearly capable mad-man and a religiously nationalistic people and this is what those who voted for Trump wanted. This is how they’d handle it, bluntly and antagonistically, prepared to use their fists – if need be more firepower than that. Diplomacy and tact are seen as weakness.

“Someone willing to horrify the establishment,” Tur continued.

They were throwing a grenade with their vote, and they knew it. We aren’t talking about those that were so horrified by Hillary Clinton for whatever reason it is they bought into that they voted against her. We aren’t talking about those that voted party-line and held their nose at their choice, we are talking this kind of person:

And the speech delivered to the world’s foremost diplomatic body, the United Nations, was custom tailored to them. Damn the consequences, or welcome them. “Rightly or wrongly,” as Katy Tur said, “this is what they wanted.”

These are the voters we will never reach. They aren’t going to suddenly decide that they’re wrong, they didn’t want Obama’s fancy talk then and they are glad to be rid of it now.

These voters will not miss an election.

In November of 2017, Ballotpedia lists “59 of the largest 100 cities in America have elections.” Hundreds of small elections and 39 mayoral elections, all of which count. At the city, county, and state level, those in elected positions make decisions that affect the electorate, the schools, and the public. From how discretionary tax dollars are spent to how public transit runs or is available. To polling locations. Those elections will see the voters happy with this president – whether we are at war or not.

What Tur said is the truth. Trump’s speech was not just hostile posturing, and it wasn’t simply another escalation in the tensions with North Korea: it is what his core base of “Breitbart” voters wanted. Perhaps now, in the face of nuclear war, this behavior will not look as good even to them. Probably not, but perhaps.

Please call your representative and let them know that you support a diplomatic solution with North Korea, public opinion is the best weapon we have. Congressional Switchboard: (202) 224-3121, they will help you find your representatives.

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