Just When You Think Huckabee Can’t Get Any Dumber, He Does (VIDEO)

CREEPYMEMEMike Huckabee, perpetual presidential wannabe and former governor of what he described as a “banana republic”, has blamed the most recent school shooting on “sin and evil.”  He might be onto something.  Walking onto a college campus, armed with six guns – five handguns and a rifle – and shooting up the members of one’s English class is indeed evil and is a sin against humanity.

Huckabee has been on a tangent that we do not need more laws, we need his version of his god.  You know, that nameless, faceless, omnipresent but never around when you need him deity that prefers to go by his job description rather than his name.  God.  Yeah, that’s what Huckabee says we need. Huckabee would have us believe people who have God don’t commit atrocities.  If the ability to commit horrible acts is demonstrative of God’s presence or lack of presence in one’s life, Huckster needs to clean his own house first.

Certainly, acts committed by his own son, David, could be described as evil and sinful. David killed a dog just for fun, which ultimately prompted the elder Huckabee to fire the head of the Arkansas State Police for refusing to cover up the situation.  In 2007, David was arrested attempting to bring a loaded Glock onto an airplane, which ended up in a suspended sentence on a misdemeanor charge and some fines.  With that in mind, Huckabee has a vested interest in lax enforcement of gun laws, and his son is an odd demonstration of the fruits a supposedly “godly” upbringing yields.

Dysfunctional, spoiled brat children aside, Huckabee still needs to remove the plank from his own eye before pointing out the specs in other people’s eyes.  The Ku Klux Klan identifies itself as a Christian organization, as do The Army of God, Christian Identity white supremacists, and several other organizations that are little more than homegrown terrorists.

Dr. George Tiller was murdered in cold blood by Scott Roeder, a Christian.  The Tiller murder happened in church. Timothy McVeigh identified himself as a believer.  Jim David Adkisson, a Christian, opened fire on a Universalist Unitarian church.  Eric Rudolph, a Christian, bombed an abortion clinic, a gay bar, and the Olympic Park in Atlanta. Although Huckabee and his ilk will cluck “those aren’t really Christians” or something to that effect, the truth of the matter is these murderers not only identified themselves as Christians, they were convinced they were doing God’s work.

After telling us that “sin and evil” are causing the epidemic of mass shootings, Huckabee goes on to tell us, summarily, if we see something, say something, and report “creepy and frightening” behavior.  Frankly, we should all find Huckabee’s attempt to bring back the Inquisition Jesus and be our Grand Inquisitor President creepy and frightening.

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Victoria Mancil was born in the wagon of a traveling show. Her mother would dance for the money they'd throw while Papa would do whatever he could. He preached a little gospel and sold a few bottles of Doctor Good. Victoria later discovered that Mother and Papa, who were often interchangeably called gypsies, tramps and/or thieves, weren't really her parents. Her biological mother had sold her to Mother and Papa for the cost of a boob job and a bus ticket to Vegas, and was last seen panhandling at the corner of Sahara and the Strip. This explained why Victoria was a lousy fortune teller and her potions never quite worked as intended. Lacking the skill to continue the family business, Victoria decided to try her hand at political punditry. If that doesn't work out, she plans to start a pot farm in Colorado.

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