Judge Scalia Thinks Blacks Would Be Better Off In ‘Lesser Schools’ (Video)

credit: screen capture via youtube.com

The Supreme Court is hearing a case dealing with certain aspects of affirmative action today. The case involves the University of Texas and a plan they want to implement. The court is hearing arguments regarding the constitutionality of their plan. This is a narrow case, but Judge Scalia seems to be attempting to turn it into a larger precedent. This isn’t the first time he has gone down that road. The most famous example being the Citizens United case where Scalia took a very narrow case and turned it into a coup for billionaires and Super-Pacs that wanted to buy elections and politicians.

Scalia is once again making waves with his comments on the case, which can be heard below in the clip.

There is no doubt the comments are racist. They harken back to a time where “separate and unequal” were not only tolerated, but accepted as the norm. Scalia singles out “scientists” as being by and large from the “slower” colleges and Scalia thinks blacks should be segregated to those schools (cause they don’t want to hurt the poor lil black people’s heads with too much book larnin’, ya know?) — but what about other fields and majors? Also, keep in mind affirmative action benefits more than blacks. It benefits many minorities and women in overcoming traditional racial and gender biases.

Scalia appears to be continuing his targeted dismantling of it and other civil rights protections as he has consistently done throughout his tenure on the high court. Hopefully, he won’t rule the day here — regardless of the overall outcome of the case. The larger focus needs to be not letting this narrow case serve as a precedent which gives license to a return to institutional racism.

Scalia has proven his racism time and time again on the court. Most of the time his backward views don’t dominate the ruling, even when he is in the majority. Sometimes they do, however — like in Citizens United. Let us hope this isn’t another Citizens United.


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