Joy Reid Explains Why Trump Is Still So Insecure In Two Quick Minutes (Video)

Joy Reid stopped by Chris Matthews’s “Hardball” program on MSNBC and was asked by the host to explain why she thinks Trump has “all these insecurities and issues about size.” Matthews pointed out that ever since Florida Senator Marco Rubio mocked Trump for his tiny hands (it was actually Spy Magazine, who have been trolling Trump about his small hands since 1988 that caught Trump’s ire initially and where Rubio and HBO host, John Oliver got the material) that Trump has been obsessed about size. everything has to be the biggest, the greatest, etc, according to Matthews.

One would think that now that he has won he wouldn’t be so sensitive, but the problem has seemingly grown worse since he was declared the winner electorally, but not by the popular vote. That has lead to Trump making bizarre and unproven allegations about up to 5 million people voting illegally and still lashing out at anyone who criticizes him or parodies him like Alec Baldwin has done on Saturday Night Live. Leave it to Reid to spell it all out quickly and succinctly.

Reid prefaced her comments by saying they come by way of not just observation, but in talking with multiple Trump biographers. She began;

“He comes up from this deep sense of inferiority. That the “Queens rich kid” was never given any respect by the Manhattan Rich. He was never given respect by the Palm Beach rich.  He’s got this deep sense that he’s being looked down on. That he’s being compared disfavorably to Barack Obama. I think he’s envious of Barack Obama. The affection people have for Obama. The reverence with which Barack Obama is treated. He felt that once he became President, and the Washington Post is reporting this — he thought he would enjoy this great reverence and people would essentially as Amorosa said “bow down to the Donald.” It isn’t happening. He’s enraged, he’s upset.”

Reid also moved over to the issue of the President being insistent about investigating voter fraud of which no evidence has been found to support his claims. She believes that too is all about his ego, as others have speculated as well.

“He doesn’t, by the way, care about voter fraud,” She stated. Reid continued by saying “at least two of his kids (and) Bannon, who is rather (embarrassing to me) … the white nationalist fellow — is registered in two states.  He’s got multiple people in his personal circle registered in more than one state. This is about personal senses of inferiority, and it’s the President of the United States. It is BIZARRE.”

Reid also during the interview didn’t seem to worry about Trump seeing her go on about this, in fact, she seemed to welcome it. She added that all he does is “watch T.V. and tweet.”

Featured image via screen capture from the above video. 

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