John Oliver’s Nefarious Plan To Sneak Facts Into Trump’s Media Diet

john oliver facts into trump's media diet
John Oliver has a great plan to get facts into Trump's steady media diet!

John Oliver is back with a bang, discussing the fact that Trump lies so much because he gets his news from really bad sources. Breitbart, Fox News, and Alex Jones bad. Oliver also has a nefarious yet brilliant plan to slip a bit of truth and fact into Trump’s steady media diet. Like any diet devoid of good things, that is making him and the country in danger of a proverbial sour gut and malnutrition.

As Oliver covers in his 20-minute segment, Trump has often said things that are just not true. His justification for that has been that there are many people who agree with him — apparently having people agree with your incorrect assertions makes them true in Trumpland. So does having those alternative facts run on his favorite sources.

Why then do his fans believe him? They have the same sources, the same media diet, and Trump just validated them. They, in turn, validate Trump’s belief by believing him. Where do you put a wedge in this vicious cycle?

You sneak facts to them like parents sneak veggies to their finicky kid, hidden in their favorite foods. 

Oliver and company are going to those sources, at least the cable news ones, to attempt it. They are running ads with real facts in them, hoping that Trump’s fascination with cable and crazy news sources will at least get a little reality close to the Oval Office denizen.

“Until we’re shut down, we are prepared to educate Donald Trump one by one on topics we’re pretty sure he doesn’t know about.”

To be sure that Trump sees them, Oliver is running the ads during shows we know he watches obsessively. The ads will run between 8:30 a.m. and 9 a.m. on Monday during Washington D.C. affiliate broadcasts of CNN’s “New Day,” Fox News’ “Fox & Friends,” and even MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

The adds mirror an earlier part of the segment where a real Fox News ad for catheters sold by an aged “professional cowboy,” only instead of just talking about not wanting pain with “cathing,” they sprinkle wisdom. Like, not only black people live in inner cities, and there are actually black people who don’t live in them. Also, what the Nuclear Triad is, and which fork you use for salad. Some are just silly, but the fact that the man in the White House doesn’t know all three parts of the Nuclear Triad in the first place isn’t really funny at all.

The entire clip is worth your time, and the information — as is usual for Oliver — builds on itself to a very solid conclusion.

You can watch the entire 20-minute segment here, though it is cued up to start at the relevant bit:

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