John Oliver Tells You Everything You Need To Know About Trumpcare

John Oliver tells us everything we need to know about Trumpcare
John Oliver tells us everything we need to know about Trumpcare

Trumpcare isn’t what Trump promised. It won’t cover everyone, it will hurt Medicaid and Medicare, and many of those who will suffer the most are those that actually voted for Trump.

However, until you have seen John Oliver dissect the bill, you still might wonder if it is as bad as you feared.

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It isn’t. It’s worse:

So, let’s say you live in Wood County, Oklahoma, you’re 60 years old and you earn, say, fifty thousand dollars a year. Under Obamacare you get $13,350 dollars towards insurance but under the new bill that will drop down to just four thousand dollars that is over two third less.

But, the plan doesn’t stop there. John Oliver dissects the Republican offering for healthcare and see why it appears that Trump doesn’t want his name on the bill. He promised to protect Medicare and Medicaid, this bill doesn’t. He promised everyone would be covered (which he walked back to “have access to” — access to healthcare is not healthcare), that there would be competition across state lines, and that it would be the best. It very clearly is not, as it doesn’t even have full support from the Republicans.

It honestly begs the question, is this really the best the GOP has to offer?

Watch the video here:

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