GOP Politico Says KKK Isn’t The Problem, We Need To Condemn ‘Leftist Protestors’

Joe Walsh is a deadbeat dad

Bigots flooded the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia on Saturday after a Friday night Nazi rally where hundreds of young racists chanted “blood and soil” — an old Nazi chant. Former Congressman and current deadbeat dad Joe Walsh doesn’t think we should condemn the Nazis though. He thinks the leftist counter protesters were the problem.

One Nazi decided to run down counter protesters barreling into a crowd of 19 people. The blood of members of leftist organizations like the Democratic Socialists Association (DSA) and the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) ran in the streets with dozens injured and one woman tragically killed.A member of IWW and an ardent Bernie Sanders supporter, Heather Heyer, did not survive the ISIS-style terrorist attack. May she rest in power.

The Nazi terrorist, James Alex Fields, was a registered Republican whose social media was blanketed with hate symbols associated with neo-Nazi groups. He is currently being charged with 2nd-degree murder among other pending charges.

If you would like to support Heather Heyer’s family in this trying time, here is a Go Fund Me where you can donate.

But Joe Walsh doesn’t see her death or the injuries many others suffered as the problem. He thinks the Nazis were “peacefully assembled” and that it was the “leftist protesters” that were such a problem. Not the KKK or any of the other militant Nazi groups:

I wonder if this African-American man being gleefully beaten in a police parking garage by a gang of white terrorist Nazis would agree that he was part of the problem:

The absurdity of Joe Walsh’s defense of Nazis in the United States is an example of abetting white terrorism. Walsh downplayed the violence for his terrorist friends on the right while unabashedly victim shaming those that were attacked. Even ignoring the woman who was killed.

Walsh doesn’t see the left’s right to counter protest, he only sees the rights of Nazis being violated as they hate-march through the city of Charlottesville for their “Unite The Right” Nazi rally. That is, he sees the KKK and White Nationalists as having the right to free speech, but not those who disagree with them.

There was once a time when American men picked up their rifles and marched to war for the sake of grinding their hateful regime under their boot heels. Those were Patriots. The people who died fighting the ideology that Joe Walsh feels have the right to spread uncontested, unfettered free speech free of protest. Heather Heyer now rests among those that gave their lives fighting Nazis.

There was once a time in this nation when Nazis were demonized, as they rightfully should be. When they were terrified to show their faces in public because it would destroy their lives. They would never be able to find work again if anyone ever found out how they really felt about non-white humans. It seems that time has come to an end thanks to the Donald Trump presidency.

Meanwhile, a former KKK Imperial Wizard — who can’t even cast spells — wants Trump to remember who put him in office:

This is a disturbing time in our nation’s history. While this particular instance is horrifying, nothing will be done to change it if the Democrats remain fractured and the moderate and far left wings of the party continue to fight each other more than they fight Trump and his racists.

Maybe it’s time to set aside the hatred for Sanders or Clinton and sit at the table to hear each other out and not dismiss each other’s ideas. If we can’t, then there may never be a Trump impeachment. Both sides of this liberal equation need the other to accomplish anything.

You know who loves all the division on the left? The right.

As for Joe Walsh, he obviously thinks that racists have more rights than liberals, luckily the constitution gives us all equal rights. They have the right to say it, we have the right to protest.

Featured image via screen capture from The Young Turks on YouTube

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