CNN’s Jim Acosta: White House Wants No Record Of ‘Evasive Answers’ (Video)

Jim Acosta

The morning of June 19th marked an odd occurrence in the Trump White House. Press Secretary Sean Spicer gave an off-camera press briefing where even audio recording was not allowed. It would seem Trump is making good on his promise to limit the public’s access to the people’s house: The White House.

CNN’s Jim Acosta pointed out in a discussion over the issue with Brook Baldwin that he believes the White House is trying to hide their evasive answers in the form of print.

Acosta did try his best to keep us updated throughout the briefing, however:

Nice socks, Jim.

Wait, isn’t the standard Trump non-answer 2 weeks? Well that is a change:

Gee, something else they won’t tell us:

Jim Acosta believes that the White House is making an attempt at obscuring their answers, especially in regards to the existence of recordings related to the firing of FBI Director James Comey. However, there are other implications as well.

Trump and his ilk have made continual, relentless attacks to disparage the credibility of some of the United States’ most trusted news organizations. Trump himself calls these organizations the “fake news media,” if he doesn’t like their reporting. This may just be an attempt to discredit agencies further.

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If say, for instance, Spicer decided to deny any of Acosta’s claims in his tweets and call them false, well there is no audio recording to back up Acosta. There is no evidence. The White House is effectively turning press briefings into a battle of “he said, she said”:

It’s not “old fashioned” to think your leaders should be held accountable in the most transparent way possible. This is most assuredly a suppression of the free press of the United States. It is also a potential setup to attack their credibility by taking away the strongest ally a journalist has: audio or visual evidence.

Watch Jim Acosta give his account of the ordeal and let us know what you think of these obstructive briefings in the comments below:

Featured image via screen capture from Brook Baldwin

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