Jeanine Pirro Is A World Class Moron (VIDEO)

Fox News’ non-blonde MENSA candidate and requisite military expert, 12 star General Jeanine Pirro proffered her expert analysis on the impending ISIS Armageddon yesterday; be afraid. Be very very afraid.

“Tonight America faces the biggest threat in her more than 200 year history. Worse than what we faced in WWI, WWII the attack on Pearl Harbor and Al Qaeda on 9/11”

The flat imbecility of that statement would be shocking if it were uttered anywhere else but on Bullshit Mountain. General Pirro clearly has no understanding of military history or tactics and is entirely oblivious to what a 100 megaton tactical thermonuclear weapon is but you can imagine the President getting on the red phone, “Get me Bruce Willis and Keanu Reeves” as James Earl Jones answers, “Mother of God!”

“I’m telling you if ISIS if not already on American soil, they will be here. They are coming and whether they come as a legion or come as lone wolves, the damage will be painful and it will be extensive. It will happen here on our soil.”

Cold blimey! Mr. Smith still lost in space cries, “We’re doomed!”

“The simple truth, we are not prepared and certainly not ready. I’ve been telling you for months that you need to be afraid. You know me, most of the time I’m fearless, investigating and sentencing the worst of the worst. These lone wolves are coming.”

Well shucks Field Marshall Pirro, I guess you done forgot that a single Super Carrier carries twice as much explosive power as all of the bombs dropped in Europe during WWII or that a single Trident submarine has 10 times as much explosive power as that. The 2nd largest Air Force that has ever existed -the US Navy- is twice as large as the next 27 industrialized countries combined and the US Air Force is twice as big as that. So how in hell do you have the audacious gall to say we aren’t prepared for a barely mechanized band of knife wielding bandits in Syria when we have 2700 minuteman hydrogen bombs on 10 minute standby when half of those are capable of extincting all land-based life Emperor Pirro?

“Yes, everything I’ve told you for months is accurate. No one is taking this seriously. If they were then our borders would be closed. If our government was listening, we’d be bombing ISIS nonstop! And if our government were listening, we would have never gotten out of Iraq the way we did with the consequences that George Bush predicted. When people are willing to commit war crimes on camera, they are not afraid of us.”

Nobody takes a bloviating ignoramus like you nor Fox News seriously except the gullible and compliant dimwitted imbeciles that are dumb enough to believe your word salads or thought abortions Cook’s Assistant Pirro!

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Thomas is a disgruntled rake-hell full of piss and vinegar about this last election that he fully intends to unleash on the Goon Commander when he brings his gang of incorrigible reprobates into the White House.

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