Right Wing Hate Group Leader: Civil War Is ‘Guaranteed’ Within The Next 3 Years (Video)

Counter-protesters shut down this anti-Muslim hate march and the haters are pissed. The Oathkeepers' Jay Stang warns InfoWars the hate's bound to boil over.

Things got heated as counter-protesters shut down a “March Against Sharia” in Austin, Texas on Saturday. But right-wing hate group leader Jay Stang claims his Oathkeepers helped keep everything safe and under control.

He then ominously pronounced a Civil War will be “guaranteed” within the next three years.

The Washington Post reports on the hate march Jay Stang helped “protect”:

It had been billed as a “March Against Sharia” — one of many protests across the country against the feared subjugation, somehow, of Americans under Islam.

But the few dozen sharia protesters who stood at the gates of the Texas statehouse didn’t manage to march anywhere. They had failed to secure the permits for that.

Furthermore, as happened at ACT for America‘s other “March Against Sharia” events across the country, counter-protesters outnumbered the few dozen anti-Muslim protesters by almost 10 to 1.

But that’s not how Jay Stang explains things in his chat with Rob Dew from Infowars. He insists he and his Oathkeepers — “which claims tens of thousands of present and former law enforcement officials and military veterans as members” and is also a radical, antigovernment group according to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) — were there to protect everyone.

“Well, we’ve been busy doing a lot of action, and we’re here to protect people, make sure nothing gets out of hand. And we’ve got some great support from the Texas Dept. of Public Safety and the Austin Police. I think they’re getting all their training hours in, because I think I’ve seen every variety of state trooper that they have.”

Jay Stang then grimly adds:

“So if the state troopers were not here, there’d already be a street war and bodies in the street here. So kudos to them for keeping everybody calm and as rational as they’ll ever get.”

Gee, it’s almost as if he wants this “street war.” Given the fact that the Oathkeepers (along with other militia groups like the Proud Boys and the Texas State Militia) carried guns while “patrolling” the crowd, this could be seen as a veiled threat. When Rob Dew eggs Jay Stang on by asking why liberals “are so for Sharia Law,” he answers:

“Sharia Law is very totalitarian. The Communists, the Nazis, and the Muslims have always gotten along well with each other. I’ve read that Hitler himself wished he were a Nazi [Note: Jay Stang likely intended to say “Muslim”] because it’s a masculine religion, as opposed to the effeminate and weak Christianity. So totalitarian systems like Islam, Nazism, and Communism go way back and are best friends.”


Fascinating. I’m sure soldiers from the former Soviet Union and so-called “freedom fighters from the (then) Mujahideen would beg to differ…As would Josef Stalin and Adolf Hitler. Jay Stang then goes on to agree with Rob Dew, that the counter-protesters are all “getting orders from someone.”

Jay Stang then goes on to agree with Rob Dew, that the counter-protesters are all “getting orders from someone.”

“They’re all getting paid, they’re all told where to show up, what to do. Now, our enemy is learning and adapting. There are three people with some AK-variance here. And now they’ve learned to keep their fingers off the trigger. So it would be a mistake to assume that your enemy would stay dumb and untrained forever.”

Since — as Donald Trump’s presidency shows — conservatives often turn out to be doing exactly what they accuse liberals of doing, one has to wonder who’s giving Jay Stang his orders. Meanwhile, it appears Austin Mayor Steve Adler is also on the so-called payroll this writer would love to get on.

It never seems to occur to right-wing haters that maybe people are just genuinely fed up and disgusted with their hate.

Rob Dew then dropped the loaded bombshell: “You think there’s a chance for a civil war in America in the next three years?” Jay Stang then scarily responded:

“No, I think it’s guaranteed […] We’re a peace-loving people. And it’s really when they intend to start attacking and killing in large numbers.”

Does that mean right-wingers like him won’t accept the will of the American people when we finally vote out the cruel and destructive “unified Republican government” we never voted for in the first place? Them’s fighting words.

Watch: Oathkeepers founder and board member Jay Stang tells Infowars civil war is imminent.

Featured image: Video screengrab via  InfoWars


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