James Woods Attempts To Blast Bernie Sanders And Fails Miserably (Tweets)

Bernie Sanders Tweeted recently that even “China — not exactly seen as a model of human rights — provides 14 weeks of paid maternity leave. The US provides 0.” This scathing indictment of our lack of care for women, children and families was supposed to show people the magnitude of our failure to care for our citizens. As always, there are those that don’t agree with how it was said, and those that didn’t get the subtext. Then there are the conservatives who just about lost their sh*t, like James Woods.

If CHINA — home of the “female foetus genocide” and human rights abuses galore — can provide maternity leave because they recognize the benefits it provides to the state then we are quite foolish to not see that and the additional benefits to women, families, and children. However, James Woods response to Bernie Sanders’ Tweet shows that conservatives are not able to see it for what it is, an indictment of the right’s pro-birth/abandon-family-and-child policies.

Here are both Tweets, from Bernie Sanders, and James Woods:

james woods bernie sanders
Tweets from Bernie sanders and James Woods.

To make it very clear, there was no praise for China here, only an acknowledgement of what they are doing that is right along with the statement that they are NOT a model of human rights. When a person says that something is not a model, they are saying that we should not copy them. However, in that way that even a broken clock is right twice a day, they got maternity leave right. They got it right because it is a benefit for all, the woman, the business, and the country.

James Woods childish name-calling aside, he obviously doesn’t understand the Tweet, because his comment actually illustrates Bernie Sanders’ point perfectly: in a country where human rights are considered a fairy tale and women are disposable from conception, they still see the benefit to the country in providing paid maternity leave.

I am assuming that James doesn’t realize that he just called Bernie a moron because they agree that China is not a model of Human Rights.

Let this sink in a minute: in a hell-hole where grievous human rights violations are just par for the course, a place where genocide is the selective abortions of female foetuses (which are seen as less valuable than male foetuses) and religious freedom is the right to agree with the government they still offer paid maternity leave.

In the country that boasts of its bill of rights, its equality and encourages the pursuit of happiness, we expect mothers to get their lazy asses back to work as soon as possible!

Bernie Sanders was not the moron here, James Woods.

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