Trump Spinmeister Gives Jake Tapper Whiplash With Her Word Salad (VIDEO)


Top Trump Adviser Kellyanne Conway seems to have performed some logical acrobatics that had CNN’s Jake Tapper ending with a case of verbal whiplash in an interview on Sunday. As she was pressed over the issue of Russia’s involvement in the United States election, she danced away from blaming Russia for their own actions and instead shoveled the responsibility onto the Clinton campaign. 

Regardless of hindsight and where Clinton coulda’ shoulda’ woulda’ as far as running her campaign; that has nothing to do with the DNC and her own campaign being hacked by foreign interests which sought to directly influence the U.S election.

Jake Tapper Must Have Whiplash As He Tries To Follow Kellyanne’s Twisted Logic

“What I’m confused about is, how can you say that the hacking had no impact on the election when Mr. Trump kept invoking WikiLeaks, which was printing, publishing things that the Russians had hacked,” asked Jake Tapper, seeming to grow more confused as Conway began to toss together her word salad.

She immediately began deflecting to Clinton’s faults and calling into question her trustworthiness, as if that had something to do with Russia interfering with our election. Then she outright dismisses what our own intelligence agencies tell us to be true: she simply calls them Russia’s “alleged attacks, alleged aspirations to interfere with our democracy”.

“It had an effect on his debate answer, it had an effect on the Clinton campaign, because it was quite embarrassing to watch her closest advisers question her judgment, question whether she would ever find her voice, wondering aloud why she was testing 84 slogans to find out who she was and what she would run on,” Conway said.

Tapper seemed further perplexed and acknowledged that there are “dozens of reasons why Hillary Clinton is not the president-elect,” but he was concerned as to why Conway and the Trump administration shy away from the subject at hand.

“But what I guess I don’t understand is why there is this reluctance by President-elect Trump and people around him to acknowledge Russia did this,” Tapper said as the whiplash set in. “You said it was an alleged attack. I don’t know why you’re saying alleged.”

“No, no. Alleged to interfere with our democracy. In other words, they didn’t succeed,” Conway deflected again. “Even if you read The New York Times and Washington Post, people are admitting, cyber-experts certainly are saying, Jake, that they did not succeed.”

When it comes to spinning yarns, Kellyanne Conway must have a ton of ugly Christmas sweaters with all the dancing around she does at the behest of Trump to cover his misdeeds and shady relationships.

Watch Jake Tapper corner the as usual unprepared Kellyanne Conway in the clip below.




(featured image via screengrab)

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