Jake Tapper Corners An Unprepared Conway On Trump’s “Alt Facts” (VIDEO)

The Lead with Jake Tapper

Kellyanne Conway has certainly been jumping through some pretty lofty hoops trying to defend Trump’s grotesque misrepresentation of facts and outright lies to the American people. Jake Tapper was not having any of it on CNN’s “The Lead”.

Trump has been making some fairly outlandish and demonstrably false claims. From the media failing to report on terrorist attacks to claiming all negative polls concerning him are from “fake” news channels like ABC, CNN, and NBC, Trump’s attack on the truth is only overshadowed by his attack on the constitution he has sworn to defend.

Kellyanne Conway Snakes Back Onto CNN On The Lead With Jake Tapper

CNN had previously declined an interview with Kellyanne Conway when she was offered as a substitute for Vice President Mike Pence. However, it seems they brought her back if only to enjoy making her look like the unprepared and sorely misinformed marionette that she is.

Jake Tapper was having none of her deflecting or lying as he tore into the interview and aggressively pursued Conway over Trump’s false claims that the murder rate was at its highest in 47 years. A claim that is simply not grounded in reality. It does, however, seem to fit in with the fear mongering Trump has utilized to scare his base into voting for him.

Conway even tried to accuse Jake Tapper and other media outlets of not covering anything positive Trump has done. Conway cited some nifty alternative facts like wage growth and job creation. The likely reason this isn’t being reported as one of Trump’s accomplishments is because this is the economy that Obama built. Trump is working overtime to destroy it by deregulating big banks and taking us back to pre-recession¬†era lack of consumer protections. This will have a dire effect on the economy in the years to come.

Watch Jake Tapper corner Kellyanne Conway as she scrambles to deflect and defend Trump’s lies.


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