After Internet Rebukes Ivanka Trump, Big Brother Donald Offers To Commit A Felony For Her

One of this week’s headlines coming out of the G20 Summit in Germany was when Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump sat in at the roundtable discussion with other world leaders for her father. The move sparked outrage on Twitter and other social media outlets, a few examples can be seen below:


Then in steps Big Brother Donald Trump Jr. Remember he is the one running the alleged “blind trust” (that is actually a “revocable” trust, according to some)  for the family business and is supposed to not take part in anything political or having to do with the government while daddy is POTUS:

So yes, Don Jr. offered to commit a crime for his sister.

Beyond that, on a much scarier level, just the arrogance that Trump Sr. displayed in snubbing someone who would typically sit in like the Secretary of State in favor of his child. Someone with no experience, who claimed just a couple of weeks ago to be “avoiding involvement in politics” and whose biggest resume items are a fashion line that has had mixed results and arbitrarily firing people on her father’s reality TV show.

Her, she sat in, instead of the Secretary of State. The person who is supposed to sit there.

And if she can’t do it, the sibling who isn’t supposed to be involved with the government whatsoever is more than happy to step in. Nicholas Kristof nailed it in his Twitter comment above when he said it felt “Banana Republicky” to say the least.

Chris Matthews has often compared this administration/family to the House of Romanov, which was the family that ruled Russia until the communist revolution in 1917. While Matthews has gotten some criticism for that comparison in the past, the longer this goes on, the more it does seem to feel that way.


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