Intel Briefing Reveals Russians Have Compromising Information To Blackmail Trump (VIDEO)

Trump blackmail racist

During the U.S election, intelligence agencies confirmed that indeed Russia hacked into the Democratic National Committee as well as the Clinton campaign. It would appear that wasn’t all they were doing.

While sabotaging the Clinton campaign in order to derail American democracy, the Russians also appear to have been collecting compromising information on Donald Trump that could be used to blackmail our soon to be Commander-in-Chief. 

According to Jake Tapper of CNN, the two-page addendum to the intelligence synopsis  “also included allegations that there was a continuing exchange of information during the campaign between Trump surrogates and intermediaries for the Russian government.”

Another report from Buzzfeed claims to have the actual synopsis which can be viewed here.

“So far Trump has declined various sweetener real estate business deals offered him in Russia in order for the Kremlin to further cultivate him. However, he and his inner circle have accepted a regular flow of intelligence from the Kremlin including on his Democratic and other political rivals.”

The report also states that during the Kremlins cultivation of Trump, he hired prostitutes to perform “golden showers” at a Moscow hotel where Mr. and Mrs. Obama had stayed before. The hotel is alleged in the report to be under FSB control leaving them free to record and place hidden cameras wherever they so choose. Easy blackmail material there.

The Donald has certainly been kissing up to Vladimir Putin in the days since the election. It seems now we may very well know why he has been so fond of the Russian government.

But it isn’t just Donald Trump suckling the teat of Russia’s dictator. Rank and file Republicans, the ones that are constantly calling Democrats communists and whose party spawned McCarthy’s “Red Scare“, also seem to be in favor of the Russian government. They seem to have come around to Putin’s style of fascism. That Russia may now be able to blackmail their demagogue will likely not sway their feebly formed opinions either.

Watch CNN’s Jake Tapper tear into the story in the video below.

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