Impeach Trump: Is City Resolution The Beginning Of Trump’s End? (VIDEO)

Impeach Trump

From day one of his presidency Donald Trump has violated the emoluments clause by refusing to divest from his business interests. The emoluments clause is simple: if you are president then you cannot receive payment in any form from any foreign power. The moment a foreign dignitary steps foot into one his hotels, Trump has broken the law. To impeach Trump is imminent. The only question: when?

Now, making a great first step toward ridding our nation of the biggest mistake it could have made in last year’s election, a city council in Richmond, California just unanimously passed a resolution in support of impeaching Trump, the first of its kind in the nation.

So what does a city council calling to impeach Trump actually mean?

While the city itself has no say in the actual impeachment, it sends a very clear message that these Californians are in full support of politicians in the House and Senate that want to impeach Trump.

It also sends a message to the Trump administration as more cities are pressuring their city council to pass similar resolutions.

The resolution itself is simple: it urges members of the House of Representatives’ Committee of the Judiciary to investigate Trump for violations of the emoluments clause which Trump has of course violated. This would be grounds for impeachment.

“This is our voice. This is our country. We have a right to speak up.” – Gayle McLaughlin, Richmond City Council 

“Actually, you don’t have a voice,” Mark Wassberg, a resident of Richmond said. “The GOP controls Congress. And you people are stupid enough to think you’re going to have Congress impeach Trump for supporting the U.S. Constitution and keeping terrorists out? By keeping these Muslims out? By keeping these illegal immigrants out…?”

Our Founding Fathers would disagree with him wholeheartedly.

And so did council member Melvin Willis.

“The hatefulness that has been coming from the White House has been seeping through our communities, especially here in Richmond,” Council member Melvin Willis said.

Judging by Mark Wassberg’s statement, Willis is pretty accurate in that assessment. Mark wants to keep Muslims out of our nation, which means a religious test which is in direct violation of the constitution, much like Trump’s Muslim ban. Mark is a great example of how Trump’s supporters are simply unpatriotic, reactionary sycophants.

Most residents were in strong support of the resolution.

“A lot of politicians aren’t willing to go on the record to do this because it can go against them,” Ellen Faden, a local business owner said. “But.. as Bernie [Sanders] said, we have to start from the grass roots.”

Another council member did point out that calling for an impeachment this early into a presidency isn’t normal.

“It would be odd to be talking about the impeachment of a president only a month into his term,” Jael Myrick said. “But with this president, it’s oddly appropriate.”

As more cities begin to feel pressure from their citizens to pass similar resolutions, the heat will be on Congress to do their job defending the constitution against a man who has done nothing to defend it as he has sworn to do.

Watch the report below from a San Francisco ABC affiliate.

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