Imagined Conversations Between Trump and Pence just won the Internet (Memes)

Josh Billinson

You may know Josh Billinson as the genius behind the Biden/Obama conversation memes. Josh is an amateur photographer that calls Washington D.C home and has been breaking Twitter with his hilarious memes.

Billinson has been making a name for himself with his over-the-top hilarious and has since set his sights on Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

The memes are covering a wide range of Trump’s authoritarian-esque policies including his horrific stance on immigration to his lack of perceived humanity by the majority of American voters.


“Just trying to be funny in a time when it’s really hard to know if it’s okay to be funny.” – Josh Billinson

He has even done an imagined conversation between Biden and Pence in the White House.

And he has even shed a little light on the fact that people find it hard to laugh at Trump taking over the highest position in the nation.

Billinson hit the nail on the head in a satirical post on Trump’s experience.

With Josh Billinson getting plenty of attention from just about everyone including CNN, we don’t think he will be quitting anytime soon.

Thanks for the laughs Josh. I am sure we are all looking forward to more! We need something to laugh at especially when we have so many not-so-funny things happening in our nation.

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