Hypocrite Christian Blogger Tries To Lay Down The Law On Women’s Rights (VIDEO)

In a completely laughable post, Christian blogger Matt Walsh, contributor for Glenn Beck’s The Blaze, decided to throw his two cents into the abortion debate.

Matt didn't appear to get God's memo regarding tattoos, drinking or smoking but he got the one about women listening to the leadership of the man
Matt didn’t appear to get God’s memo regarding tattoos, drinking or smoking but he got the one about women listening to the leadership of the man, so it’s cool.

Matt’s contribution was as follows:

“The reproductive act is one that requires 100 percent from each of the participants,” he said. “Men should be protectors of the innocent and warriors for truth and dignity. Men are called to show strength, leadership, and moral clarity in the face of atrocities like abortion. Men are commanded to ‘stand in the gap,’ as it says in Scripture.”

Never heard of it referred to as “the gap,” but I don’t know what kind of woman Matt’s been seeing.

Nevertheless, he continued extrapolating.
During an interview, Walsh said that women who support abortion rights need to be reminded that they should turn to men for a leadership role saying, “I just wanted to write something encouraging men to speak up and to remind us, to remind men, to remind some pro-choice women, who need to be reminded about this fact, that men are, you know, just as involved in this process as women are,” he insisted. “We’re supposed to be as men — and I’m traditional, I’m an old fashioned guy so I believe men are supposed to be leaders in society, in our families and in society.”

Ok, let me stop you right there, Matt. Here’s the problem with your little scenario. See, it is not an equally contributed act. As a matter of fact, here is a comparison:

The participation ratio “required” is not 100%. Whereas a man’s “commitment” can be met within 5 minutes, a woman’s commitment, by comparison, is 403,200 minutes. That’s 280 days or 40 weeks or 9 months, however you want to look at it.

Does 403,200 vs 5 seem the same? Equal?

Doesn’t seem the same to me.

What Mr. Walsh should be encouraging all his male listeners to do, instead of sitting the little ladies down to have this big talk about how you wear the pants in the family, is telling men to keep it in their pants and if they can’t, well, then they need to be proactive in their own reproduction responsibility.

Ultimately, this is how it breaks down: If you are sexually active with someone, both parties need to be taking care of their own, personal reproductive measures; not just the ladies. Your ability to have a say beyond sending your swimmers will ultimately be up to the person who will decide if they want to invest 403,200 minutes and a lifetime of responsibility for a child.

Women are the ones who are invested. Women are the one’s who should decide.

And as they say in England…Mind the Gap.

Don’t stand in it, Matt.

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