Trump Surrogate Huckabee’s Bad ‘Jaws’ Metaphor Mocked By A Crooning Megyn Kelly (VIDEO/TWEETS)

Mike Huckabee unwisely decided to use metaphor in order to defend Trump to Megyn Kelly. Specifically, Huckabee compared Trump to Captain Quint from Jaws. Huckabee characterized Trump as being like the “salty” captain who “will save your family.”  He said:

“[Trump’s] like Captain Quint in the original movie Jaws. He’s vulgar, he’s salty, he might even get drunk… he’s the guy who’s gonna save your butt and save your family. And so at the end of the day, when he kills the shark, you’re happy about it.”


There’s only one problem. Quint saves no one and gets eaten himself.

Not content to leave the Jaws metaphor alone, Huckabee compares Hillary Clinton to the shark bent on destruction:

“Now, Hillary is the shark. She’s gonna eat your boat, she’s gonna have open borders, immigration out the kazoo and so the choice is do you vote for Captain Quint, who’s gonna save your family, or do you vote for the shark?”

Megyn Kelly, at this point, reminds Huckabee that Quint WAS EATEN BY THE SHARK. In addition, Quint almost kills his fellow shark hunters.


In addition, casting Hillary as the shark who devours Quint seems like another part of the analogy the Huckabee didn’t think through. If he wanted to cast Trump as the victor in the epic battle between man and beast that is Jaws, he should have cast Trump as Brody the sheriff desperately trying to save people. It’s interesting, however, that Huckabee casts Hillary not as a human character, but a monstrous sea beast. Dehumanizing a woman in an attempt to defend openly misogynistic behavior isn’t a great strategy.

Kelly, however, had fun with this metaphor and began brightly singing “Ladies of Spain” a la Quint as Huckabee admitted that maybe his metaphor needed work.

What makes this so curious is that this is, yet again, republicans attempting to use fictional entertainment as a defense of Trump’s very real comments about sexual assault. Over the weekend, memes and comments using 50 Shades of Grey started circulating on social media referencing Trump’s use of “naughty words” to defend his behavior.  The memes attempt to victim shame using the popularity of the series to demonstrate the hypocrisy of those denouncing Trump for talking about grabbing and kissing women without consent.

screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-7-17-19-pmThe original meme ignores that people read lots of things for pleasure and that should not be taken as condoning the behavior described in the book. Nor is buying a book like voting for president.

But the big problem here seems to be that republicans don’t seem to understand that there is a difference between reality and fiction. They keep relying on fictional examples of behavior as a way to justify Trump’s behavior. Now they’re doing that badly, but really there isn’t any other way they can do it. How else could they possibly justify Trump jovially discussing grabbing women by their genitals? Not only that but when Anderson Cooper pointedly said to Trump:


 COOPER: You described kissing women without consent, grabbing their genitals. That is sexual assault. You bragged that you have sexually assaulted women. Do you understand that?

TRUMP: No, I didn’t say that at all.

He rejects that what he described was sexual assault. He quite honestly does NOT understand that. But Huckabee and friends need to stop relying on popular movies and books in a desperate attempt to try and defend the indefensible. Is it any wonder that the best star the RNC could scrape up was Scott “I’m a moron” Baio?


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