David Brock: From Cog In The Republican Sleaze Machine To Clinton Guard Dog

“It’s like that old story – you can’t keep snakes in your backyard and expect them only to bite your neighbors. Eventually those snakes are going to turn on whoever has them in the backyard.”
-Hillary Clinton

DATE: JANUARY 30, 2016


Nothing says “Young & Conservative” like a bow tie and glasses…

NYC, NEW YORK. January 30, 2k16—During the earlier ’90s David Brock was a one-man, Fox News-esque, hit-team for the Republican Party. And in less than a decade he had a change of heart. Like Rep. McCarthy can be compared to the kid that people only sort of remember from High School, Brock can be compared to the kid who eventually found Jesus and gave up his Wild Ways. But, instead of Jesus, Brock found Hillary Clinton.

Going back to a time before finding Salvation through Hillary, Brock made a name for himself not only by character-assassinating Anita Hill, who had accused now U.S. Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas of sexual misconduct when she worked under him at the Department of Education and the EEOC, but by also going after Hillary’s husband Bill Clinton. Brock came after Clinton in the conservative magazine American Spectator in 1993. The story later become known as the Troopergate, a scandal involving two Arkansas State Troopers who arranged sexual liaisons and the transportation of a woman by the name of “Paula” for then Gov. Bill Clinton. The woman ended up being Paula Jones and she successfully sued President Clinton and settled for $850,000. Granted, she only got $200,000 as the rest went to her legal fees. Brock insisted at the time that the State Troopers, in order to maintain journalistic integrity, were not paid for their stories…. But he later admitted that they were each given $6,700 after the articles were published.

Brock had rightfully earned a name for himself as the Party’s Hit Man. But, he soon realized that no one really wants to be friends with a guy who destroys people for a living… and he is gay— something his Republican colleagues didn’t quite smile upon. He needed a break from the Washington scene… but a deep-purple depression hit him and he found himself alone out in California when they came calling again for him to do his dirty work. Free Press, then a conservative subsidiary of Simon & Schuster, tossed a million dollars his way and gave him a year to write what they envisioned as another bestselling, character-killing book. And they wanted it to be about Hillary Clinton. What they got instead was The Seduction of Hillary Rodham, a somewhat sympathetic biography of the wife of the man he once set out to ruin. He also admitted that the stories were written not as “serious journalism” nor “in the interest of good government” but rather just to run Clinton’s name through the mud for the Greater Good of the Republican Party. He also personally apologized to Anita Hill for trashing her name when she was only trying to show what a scumbag Judge Thomas was and probably still is to this day. The American Spectator fired him and he lost his salary of $300,000 per year.

What’s this guy doing now, you might ask. Well, ho ho, he is working for Hillary Clinton in a round-about way through the super-PACs American Bridge 21st century & Priorities USA Action and trying to protect her from the kind of person he once was. And why not? Who would be better at that job than someone who used to be paid good money to do just that.


Any time you hear a Politician calling for Hillary’s emails, he and a team of young idealists working for Hillary are writing that guy’s office, demanding that he release his emails. Or if someone mentions Benghazi and Hillary on the air, he has an email in his Drafts folder ready and waiting to be sent containing a document outlining the Facts. It is almost as if he was trained by Nixon himself for such clandestine work. The Republican Party created a monster and he fell into the Enemy’s Hands. And all they could do was sit back and watch as he destroyed Lou Dobb’s career at CNN and ran off sponsors for Rush Limbaugh and writes page long editorials in defense of Hillary Clinton against any and every negative thing said about her. In his fight to protect Hillary, any fight is as if the Republicans (and even Democrats) are showing up to a gun fight with a plastic knife. Because he has been hardened on the front lines and knows your next move, and it’s child play compared to what he has done before.

Politics, not for the weak of heart.

Dr. K.G. Doonesbury