The Republicans Are To Blame For Hillary’s Email Woes

Since March of 2015, Hillary Rodham Clinton has been at the center of a tempest in a teacup over her use of a private email server during her tenure as Secretary of State under President Barack Hussein Obama. Despite the fact that an FBI investigation found no evidence of wrongdoing on her part, much to the dismay of House Speaker Paul Ryan, it has been a choice dead horse for Donald Trump and the Republicans to beat in the hopes that it will discourage voters with electing her, right along with her alleged role in the terrorist attack on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, Lybia on the evening of September 11, 2012 that killed U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith and nine others, which was found to be the result of deep cuts to the U.S. Department of State’s budget dating back to 2011.

In fact, Jason Chaffetz, a Republican Congressman from Utah admitted when asked if he voted to cut funding for embassy security:

“Absolutely. Look, we have to make priorities and choices in this country. We have — think about this — 15,000 contractors in Iraq. We have more than 6,000 contractors, private army there for President Obama in Baghdad.

“And we’re talking about can we get two dozen or so people into Libya to help protect our forces? When you’re in tough economic times, you have to make difficult choices how to prioritize this.”

Naturally, Donald Trump has harped about the controversy surrounding Hillary’s use of a private email server to rally supporters. In addition to calling upon hackers in Russia to break into her account to find missing emails, which preceded an attempted breach upon computer systems by a Russian hacker connected to the G.R.U., the Russian military intelligence service, his veteran affairs advisor, Al Baldasaro suggested that Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server is treason and warrants execution by firing squad.

In other words, folks, it’d be like Watergate if Richard Nixon had no sense of subtlety and not a shred of discretion.

More recently, Trump condemned Hillary Clinton for a new batch of emails released by conservative group Judicial Watch on August 10, 2016. According to a statement from Trump’s campaign:

“[Clinton] views public office as nothing more than a means to personal enrichment.”

Considering that the attack on Benghazi was precipitated by the Republicans’ voting to cut the State Department’s budget, as was probably the case with the 20 terrorist attacks against U.S. Diplomatic Targets during the George W. Bush years, it is at the very least not out of the question, to understate the matter far more than should be necessary, that Republican cuts to the U.S. State Department’s budget also would result in the State Department providing crummy email security, which has been observed and documented as a widespread problem. Therefore, Hillary is not to blame for wanting her emails to be transmitted and received via a secure server, especially since it’s not surprising that she would probably be blamed if a State Department email account she was using became hacked.


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