HEROIN: Addiction Expert Joe Schrank SCHOOLS Fox’s Pundits And Audience On Addiction, Overdoses And The Drug War (VIDEO)

Jenna Lee decided to report on the nation’s heroin (and other opiates) overdose spike and an Ithaca plan to provide ‘safe injection places’ for addicts to prevent more death in their city. Right now, Ithaca, like many other hospitals, especially in more remote areas, are simply being overrun with overdosing addicts and by the time many get to the hospital, many die. The purpose of the safe havens are to give addicts access to clean needles, without a hassle and if an OD occurs, a nurse is there to administer Narcan or a similar ‘miracle’ Naxolone drug to bring them back.

Lee probably expected to tear up the ‘liberal’ plan with fellow conservative pundit and psychotherapist Robi Ludwig. Joe Schrank, an addiction counselor, and expert on the subject wasn’t going to let that happen. He made sure at least some facts got brought out to the light of day.

First, Schrank points out that Canada has been doing this and has had over 2 million injections without a death. Meanwhile, as Schrank later points out, we have on average 115 overdose deaths in America per day. Do the math.

Ludwig’s response is to try to lie — and she would attempt to repeat this lie in the second video as well, only to be corrected by Schreck and the second time by Lee. She tried to slip in that the supervised facilities were ‘supplying the heroin’ which of course, they aren’t. Obvious lie.

Lee tries to make an absurd comparison along the lines of ‘why doesn’t the government provide ‘safe bars’ for alcoholics?’ Schrank destroys that in short order. He points out that not only do these places prevent overdoses but the spread of hepatitis A, B, and C along with preventing the spread of AIDS and HIV. Shrank then suggests that who knows what the success of this kind of program might lead to. Over 300,000 people drink themselves to death each year, so maybe we could improve in that area too.

Of course, it is also worth mentioning that bars are supervised and regulated today, as we speak. heroin dens are not. Big difference.

Finally, the addiction expert says what needs to be said to everyone, especially those out in Fox’s conservative-leaning audience …

‘In no way, shape or form has the drug war EVER worked.’

Truth … simple and to the point. Hopefully simple enough for everyone to begin to understand.

Ludwig, who just recommends ‘abstinence’ programs (that have been as unsuccessful in drug treatment as it has been with teen pregnancy and other areas pretty much universally) claimed that the ‘drug war works for SOME people.’ The only people I can think of that it ‘works for’ are drug cartels, crooked cops and politicians that profit and win elections from it all.

In the second clip, the Fox host and her friend think they got Schrank in a corner. lee brings up the ‘tax’ issue.

HA! Gotcha! Too Expensive, right? Admit it.

Schrank wipes that away cleanly and easily;

‘Nobody finds recovery if they are dead … The fiscal argument is weak at best — If you like how much a ‘safe injection room’ costs then you’ll love what it costs to incarcerate somebody.’ he also explains the costs of hospitals being overrun and other related costs we all end up paying, which are far greater than a facility. Finally, he makes a statement conservatives should certainly understand — ‘There is no bigger or wasteful government than the drug war.’ 

Ludwig again tries to repeat her lie of these facilities providing heroin, which they do not. This time, Lee even corrected her and made it clear that was totally untrue. Ludwig finally just reverts to talking about abstinence and some platitudes that resemble rainbows and unicorns in their realism.

If you want to learn about what is really going on in America with the scourge of heroin and opiate overdoses, definitely check out Schrank in these two clips below … you’ll be glad you did.


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