Harsh Words For Donald Trump From Bill And Hillary Clinton (VIDEO)

On June 1, 2016, former President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary, at two separate campaign stops in New Jersey, each offered sharp criticism for likely Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Speaking at Union City College in Cranford, Bill Clinton noted that Donald Trump’s proposed policies, such as building a wall along the southern border of the U.S. to keep out Mexican immigrants and barring Muslims from entering the U.S., were ineffective, despite Donald Trump’s campaign mantra to “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.”

“We have to build a future that is inclusive — not divisive — a future which has not only higher incomes but more upward mobility and less inequality, and one which recognizes our diversity because its the only way to honor our common humanity.”

At the Newark campus of Rutgers University, Hillary Clinton went straight for the jugular.

“Well, today, we’re learning about another scam. The so-called “Trump University.” The New York Attorney General is suing Donald Trump for fraud, and his own employees testified – I want you to hear this – his own employees testified that Trump U…you can’t make this up…that Trump U was a fraudulent scheme here Donald Trump enriched himself at the expense of hard-working people. Trump and his employees took advantage of vulnerable Americans, encouraging them to max out their credit cards, empty their retirement savings, destroy their financial futures — all while making promises they knew were false from the beginning. This is just more evidence that Donald Trump himself is a fraud.”

Perhaps with Ted Cruz gone from the race, Hillary Clinton might be feeling the pressure in her dual rivalry with Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Though she was predicted as the winner for the Oregon Primary, Sanders took the victory instead. Moreover, with the California Primary Election only six days away, whereas Hillary’s rally in Oakland in early May drew only 800 people, Bernie Sanders’ rally there held at the end of that month brought in roughly 20,000.

Regardless, the Clintons know about what they speak.

Trump’s proposed policies toward Mexicans and Muslims are nothing short of divisive, and Trump University, neither an accredited institution of higher learning nor operated with a proper business license, was described by Joseph Frey, the New York State Deputy Commissioner for Higher Education as being “misleading” and a New York Education Law and the Rules of the Board of Regents, forcing a name change to the Trump Entrepreneur Initiative. Despite this, the claims proposed by this program, including the premise that the seminars offered comprehensive instruction in real estate with guaranteed success, that the participants would earn tens of thousands of dollars within a month; that instructors were handpicked by the Donald himself; that participants would receive access to private funding and that the three-day seminar, with the tuition starting at $1,495, included a a year-long “Apprenticeship Support” program, all proved false. All told, 5,000 people were swindled out of approximately $40 million.

No wonder the New York Attorney General is determined to stick it right to Donald Trump about this.

Featured image: screenshot via Youtube.



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