No GOP Death Threats? This Woman Sold 1500 ‘Killary Rotten Clinton’ Targets In Just 2 Hours

The GOP's up in arms against threats of political violence now that one of their own got shot. But--OOPS!--they forgot about those Hillary Clinton targets.

The GOP’s up in arms against threats of political violence now that one of their own got shot. But–OOPS!–they forgot about those Hillary Clinton targets.

That’s right. Back in November, Daniel Dale from the Toronto Star went to a Donald Trump rally in Selma, N.C. There, he came across Ariel. This winsome young lass claimed she’d sold 1500 Hillary Clinton targets for Clinton-hating Second Amendment aficionados in just two hours. The 26-year-old said she sold the paper targets for the amazing price of two for $5.

Even with this steep discount, Ariel made a tidy sum of $3,700.

Hopefully, the IRS won’t find out about her windfall. You know how Republicans hate paying taxes.

But Republicans refuse to see any connection between gun violence — like last week’s shooting of House Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) — and their NRA-sponsored  stance on commonsense gun laws. Thanks to their false belief that the Second Amendment guarantees every pissed off white guy easy access to firearms, the U.S. has the highest rate of gun deaths per guns owned in the developed world.

Even more disturbing, the GOP sees no connection between the constant mass shootings in the U.S. and the constant threats of gun violence Republicans condone from their right-wing constituents and each other.

A notable example is Donald Trump’s “Second Amendment people” comment at a Wilmington, N.C. rally back in August.

And, alas, this is just one example of barely veiled right-wing threats of political violence.

Twitter rips Daniel Dale and his photo of Ariel’s Hillary Clinton targets up one side and down the other.

As you’d expect, Twitter did not react kindly to Daniel Dale’s photo with Ariel and her Hillary Clinton targets.

Hey, Ariel…In that “basket of deplorables”  you go! How kind of Hillary Clinton to bring a basket. A Republican would have expected this basket case to bring her own damned basket instead of mooching.

Despicable beyond words.

Oh, and by the way, that Hillary Clinton target was threatening a presidential candidate and hence is a criminal office.

Another astute Twitizen pointed out that Ariel has women’s liberation and trailblazers like Donald Trump’s rival to thank for her ability to vote and pursue her career as a seller of Hillary Clinton targets.

And one thing gun fetishists and white terrorists may want to note, if they happen to run a gun range or other firearms-related business…Liberals, moderates, and others love their guns too, but might not take kindly to these Hillary Clinton targets.

Featured image: Daniel Dale via Twitter.

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