Will We See #FakeNewsTimeMagazine Trending Soon? Guess Who Made The Cover…

Hint: It rhymes with Tronald Jump Dunior

trump jr time cover
Will daddy be mad?

Everyone knows how obsessed Donald Trump is with being on the cover of Time, but the upcoming issue might change his opinion of the magazine for the worse.

Sure, Donald Trump is on the cover, but there’s that little added “Junior” at the end, and the story is neither positive nor flattering.┬áSuperimposed on a photo of Donald Trump Jr. is the email chain he released Tuesday regarding his correspondence about – and meeting with – a Russian lawyer who supposedly had dirt on Hillary Clinton:

For anyone who might have been off the grid this last week, here’s a little background information:

In June 2016 Donald Trump Jr., Trump Senior’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, and Trump campaign manager at the time, Paul Manafort, held a meeting in Trump Tower, New York, with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya. After the New York Times reported about it, Trump Jr. initially said that the meeting was about a Russian adoption program that had been suspended.

When the Times ran a new report about Natalia Veselnitskaya promising that she had dirty stuff on Hillary Clinton, Trump Jr. changed his story and said that this was true, but that during the meeting it became clear that she had nothing of substance, and that it was only a pretext to get the meeting arranged so she could bring up the subject of the Russian adoption program.

After learning that the Times had an actual copy of the email wherein the meeting was arranged, and that the newspaper was about to publish it, Donald Trump Jr. on Tuesday tweeted out screengrabs of the whole chain for the world to see. In the email, Trump Jr. was offered damaging information on Hillary Clinton and was told that it was part of Russia and its government’s support for his father. Junior responded enthusiastically that he loved it, and the meeting was then arranged.

Among sane people, there has been no doubt that this is a smoking gun and that it pretty much proves that there was collusion between top members of the Trump campaign and the Russian government. There also seems to be a consensus among reporters and lawyers that Donald Trump Jr. is an idiot for incriminating himself.

Trump Senior tweeted support for his eldest son before he took off for France, and with a busy schedule overseas it is not certain that he has seen the new Time cover yet. It will be interesting to monitor his Twitter account over the next few days – maybe we will see #FakeNewsTimeMagazine trending soon?

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons, Trump Jr, CC 2.0

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