McCain Comes Out Against Graham-Cassidy As Dem Senator Puts Out Passioned Plea

John McCain is a no on Graham Cassidy Richard Blumenthal ple
Sens Richard Blumenthal and John McCain

As many had hoped, Senator John McCain has come out against the Graham/Cassidy ACA repeal bill, which imperils the bill according to NBC:

Sen. John McCain announced on Friday that he’ll vote against the Graham-Cassidy Republican health care bill, putting the future of the legislation in peril.

Imperils, but does not assure its demise. Graham/Cassidy, the latest and likely last ACA repeal bill, has been promoted with either flat-out lies or is actually not understood by its authors. It leaves essential health protections up to the states and allows insurers to jack up rates for pre-existing conditions. One Democratic Senator has put out a passioned plea to Americans to act – to contact the Senate Finance Committee and urge them to vote “no.”

John McCain was the final of Three votes that killed the last ACA repeal bill, along with Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska)

Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut, today issued a stark reminder to his GOP colleagues and a call to action to stop this bill, as time is running out:

“Memo to my GOP colleagues: We weren’t elected to curtail coverage for millions of our fellow Americans.”

“This is it! Senate Finance Committee needs to hear from you before Monday’s hearing. Email

We all know we need to speak out, but sometimes not how, so ANX has put together an easy template for you to use when contacting your representatives.

Choose one of the templates from below, click here or above and send off an email that could save lives.

Or, you can text it to them, by texting #Resist to 50409::

First Template:

Dear Members of the Senate Finance Committee:

The Graham/Cassidy legislation cannot guarantee protection for those with pre-existing conditions, it is more expensive and fewer will be covered and is not a viable replacement for the Affordable Care Act. 

The Graham/Cassidy repeal has not been properly vetted, nor has it been through the proper procedures to be considered at this time. 

Please vote no on this legislation and save American lives. 

Thank you,

[Your name, contact information]

Second Template:

Dear Members of the Senate Finance Committee:

The Graham/Cassidy repeal of the Affordable Care Act is an insult to every American. All Americans deserve quality healthcare. This bill makes it very likely that won’t be available to the most vulnerable of us.

I respectfully ask you to vote no, America will remember this moment. 

Thank you,

[Your name, contact information]

Despite the fact that Sen. John McCain has come out in opposition of this bill, other Senators, like Lisa Murkowski, are being pressured to vote for this travesty of a bill. Let them all know, we vote, we remember, and we want them to vote no on Graham/Cassidy.

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