Ted Cruz Called ‘Total Fraud’ By GOP Insider

It’s not every day that you hear Republicans being honest, especially when it comes to one of their own. But the intense dislike for Ted Cruz seems to be an exception. Long-time Republican strategist and GOP insider, Roger Stone claims Ted Cruz is a “total fraud.”

Roger Stone told Rolling Stone:

“….Ted is the ultimate insider. He’s a Princeton-Harvard globalist fraud, and his conservatism goes back about four years. Before that, he was a Bush Republican. Remember, he was one of George W. Bush’s advisers on the Florida recount. His wife was a national-security adviser to Condoleezza Rice. Then she went to Goldman Sachs. Not too many “outsiders” are working at Goldman Sachs. Then, he went out purposefully to reinvent himself as the new Jesse Helms. He comes to D.C. acting like a prick. And I get it — he’s building a base. But he’s a total fraud.”

There seems to be no shortage of Republicans who aren’t afraid to publicly bash the unpopular senator from Texas. The best of the lot in this contemptuous 2016 presidential election season just might be North Carolina’s veteran senator, Lindsey Graham.

WATCH: Lindsey Graham half-heartedly endorse Ted Cruz on The Daily Show

Of course there are lots of reasons to dislike Ted Cruz. This was the man who read ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ on the senate floor as part of a 21-hour filibuster against Obamacare. Cruz’s shenanigans resulted in a 16-day government shutdown in 2013, that killed 120,000 new jobs, and cost taxpayers and the US economy $24 billion. Despite all the damage, Cruz’s plan was a perfect example of ideological obsession missing the target. It did nothing to Obamacare.

Cruz’s rival, fellow presidential candidate Donald Trump, has pinned the first-term senate Texan with the tag, “Lying Ted.” While the electorate may not agree with much of what Trump says, he may have a point on this one.

Featured image: Creative Commons/ flickr/ Gage Skidmore

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