This GOP Chairman Is Going To Betray Voters, They Had Something To Say About It


44 states have decided that some of the data requested for their voters are far too sensitive and private to give to Trump’s “Advisory Commission on Election Integrity.” Now it seems that the GOP Chairman in one of those states — South Carolina — has found a way to undermine the laws protecting South Carolina’s voter data.

According to South Carolina’s local outlet, The State:

“Not long after S.C. election officials said Thursday it’s against state law to turn over voter information to anyone other than a S.C. registered voter, one of those voters – S.C. Republican Party Chairman Drew McKissick – tweeted that he would buy the data from state election officials and hand it over to Trump’s Advisory Commission on Election Integrity.”

It seems Drew McKissick’s way of increasing confidence in the integrity of our voting process is to hand over the data and voting history of every registered South Carolinian to Trump. Trump being a man whose campaign is under investigation for colluding with Russia to thwart American democracy. The same nation that during the primary had access to the voting rolls of 22 states. Yeah, we totally have trust that the Trump administration would never do anything malicious with that data.

Not to mention the “Advisory Commission” is being run by Kris Kobach, who was formerly a member of an anti-immigration lobbying group. The group, known as FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform), is so extreme it was labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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South Carolinians were none too pleased with the GOP chairman’s decision. People began firing back on Twitter with some even threatening lawsuits:

Some even called the state Attorney General to see if it was legal:

Some questioned Trump’s sanity:

Others kept the message a little more simple:

And then there is the question of “why does he get my information when we can’t even see his taxes.”:

There are fears that Trump’s commission will assist Republicans in suppressing voting rights across the nation.

All in all, Drew McKissick received little to no support from any of his followers and a lot of feedback from some very pissed off South Carolinians. Maybe he just handed the state over to Democrats. We will see in 2018. #Resist

Featured image via The United States Army

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