Good Riddance To Rapey Dinosaurs: Fox Exec. Roger Ailes May Lose Big In Wake Of Lawsuit (VIDEO)


Roger Ailes has made his career on surviving the scandals he caused, from anti-Semitism to sexual harassment and rape he has managed to walk away. In doing so, the 76-year-old GOP curmudgeon has kept his slimy fingers all over the news in America. However, it seems that his free ride on the “good ‘ol boy” political/powerful train may be nearing its end.

Gretchen Carlson’s surprise sexual harassment lawsuit claiming that Ailes had promised a “smooth road” at Fox in exchange for sexual favors has the potential to allow Rupert Murdoch’s son, Lachlan, to remove the vile creature from Fox News, and install a ” less-right-wing chief.” Daddy Rupert may have Ailes’ back, but his sons just don’t.

According to the NYT:

But Mr. Murdoch’s sons have different political and corporate sensibilities than their father. They began taking increasing control of the family’s publicly traded business after it took steps to move the corporate culture away from the pirate-ship mores for which it was known,

Something that Ailes probably already knew, as during his last contract renegotiation he reportedly balked at reporting to the Murdoch boys, and ended up contractually reporting to all three. He should be afraid, at this point, because the world is changing “equality” no longer means hushing up sexual misconduct and paying the woman a little more. Though for the rich GOP politician and media man the chances that he will actually pay for his behavior are still too slim to claim that we have actually achieved real equality.

Ailes has “allegedly” been using the women in his employ, and those hopeful to become employees, for sexual chattel for a very long time. According to Carlson’s Lawyer Nancy Erica Smith, he is the “Bill Cosby of media.” A statement that brings Ailes into focus as a rich, powerful man who has little fear of actually ever paying for his rapes who has left a trail of survivors in his wake — all with little hope of ever getting justice.

In Aisles’ case, the victims may have been as young as 16.

According to Smith:

He’s the Bill Cosby of media. My office is being deluged with calls and website contacts from women. I don’t even have a count anymore … Women as young as 16 who said he demanded oral sex. Another said during an interview that he said, ‘Take off your bra.’ She was devastated.

21st Century Fox, Fox News’ parent company, came out immediately, saying they took the allegations seriously and would investigate, Ailes’ statement which followed theirs is a good-old-boys throwback: Carlson is just a disgruntled woman who is using sexual harassment and gender discrimination to strike out at the perfectly innocent (*choke*) Ailes and Fox News. All of the other women must just have it out for him, too, right?

Murdoch has approved the hiring of an outside lawyer to handle and independent internal investigation of Carlson’s complaint, something that insiders have said is just not “his style,” at all. But it may just speak volumes about how this all turns out for Ailes: back in the 90s, after his boast to that he could survive his choice to hurl anti-Semitic slurs at a senior NBC executive, an independent investigation sent him packing.

For all those who doubt that there was “suddenly” harassment, here is a video showing the ON AIR treatment of Carlson by the Ailes led Fox and Friends:

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