Gingrich Loses It On The Kelly File: Accuses Megyn Kelly Of Being ‘Fascinated With Sex'(VIDEO)

The Kelly File

Megyn Kelly, well known for her show ‘The Kelly File’, has been making big splashes this election cycle for her surprising non-biased coverage of allegations levied at Donald Trump. This has of course made a fairly large impact on her co-workers views of her as well as her audience. So much for ‘fair and balanced’.


Gingrich Goes Bananas On The Kelly File

It all came to a head on The Kelly File Tuesday night. Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich seemed ill prepared when he stated making claims about the Trump campaigns odds of winning certain key states that in fact have Clinton ahead by a comfortable margin. Gingrich even goes so far as to say that Trump would carry Pennsylvania. Even though, as Kelly pointed out, the former Secretary of State has the advantage in every poll.

This ruffled Gingrich’s feathers so much he began accusing Megyn Kelly, a Fox News correspondent, with media bias. Let that soak in. Fox is now a part of the giant liberal media establishment conspiracy to sink the Trumptanic.

“You Are Fascinated With Sex…”– Newt Gingrich

When the subject of Trump’s many alleged sexual assaults came up, Gingrich immediately became defensinve accusing Kelly of being “fascinated with sex.” Kelly then replied that she isn’t fascinated by sex but that she is fascinated with the protection of women. Score one for Megyn Kelly.

Odd that Gingrich would point fingers over sexual obsession when he asked his then wife for an open marriage. Ever wonder what happened to the party of family values?

Gingrich was incredibly defensive as he levied his accusations against Kelly. Her reply? “I think that your defensiveness on this may speak volumes, sir.”

Gingrich Tries To Pivot Out Of His Mistake

Gingrich tried to escape from the debacle he had gotten himself into. He made attempts to pivot the conversation to Bill Clinton telling Kelly that she should be covering that. Megyn Kelly was having none of it however and let Newt know that The Kelly File had covered Mr. Clinton’s issues extensively and that the former President was not the one running for office.

Check out the full interview below and watch Megyn Kelly baste Gingrich like a turkey.


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