Writer Throws Shade At Tucker Carlson When Invited To His Show

Writer and army veteran Charles Clymer does not want to interact with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. When invited – by a “very polite” producer – to appear on Carlson’s show, Clymer responded with this excellent take-down:

“I appreciate you reaching out, and I respect the concern you, personally, are showing for the flood victims in Houston. I have no doubt you care about the folks on the ground.

I do not trust Tucker Carlson. His commentary is consistently (and intentionally) inaccurate and egregious, and his response to the rise of white supremacism in this country over the past six months has been godawful and disgusting. I do not wish to share a space with someone who shamelessly winks at vicious racists.

Charles Clymer, who also happens to be genderqueer, was instrumental in getting the word out that Joel Osteen, megachurch pastor, was not using his converted Stadium (church) to house flood refugees. That appears to be the topic which Tucker Carlson wanted to discuss with him. Clymer made it clear that he would not be part of an orchestrated smear job by the Fox News host:

I would just as soon guess he would make this a segment vigorously defending Joel Osteen and pandering to viewers who believe this is somehow an atrocious liberal witch hunt.

I assure you it is not. There are plenty of conservative folks doing what needs to be done in Houston for their neighbors, regardless of political views. I admire them, and ask that you spend your time highlighting their efforts and calling on Tucker’s audience to pitch-in themselves.”

If this is any indication of the general view, then Mr. Carlson seems to be too toxic for normal people. But, again, that really isn’t a surprise.

Charles Clymer’s speculation about the Carlson segment turning into a fight over Joel Osteen stems from the fact that internet trolls shamed the good pastor into opening his church in Houston to flood victims. Anyone familiar with Fox News coverage would have had the same concerns.

It is quite understandable that Clymer is keeping Tucker Carlson at arm’s length due to his “winks at racists”, even though Mr. Carlson says that he doesn’t even know what white nationalism means. (/sarcasm)

One can only hope that Tucker Carlson goes the way of Bill O’Reilly. If more good people refuse to be party to his dog and pony show pandering to right wingers, that becomes more likely.

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