GDP Grows to Highest Level Since Clinton!

It’s been six long years since Barack Obama took office as the 44th president of these United States, and dammit, I am exhausted. Tyranny, dictator, communist, traitor, Marxist, socialist and my personal favorite, Destroyer of the Free World. And that was just today.

In five days, The POTUS will be turning the corner for what will be his last two years in office. And, somehow, I really do not see how it’s going to get any easier. Because, the other milestone that we all have to look forward to is the GOP taking control of the Senate.

Now, I know that the great state of Hawaii has the pleasure of claiming the birthplace of our current president. I will never attempt to take that away from them. I will however ask for acknowledgment that those of us here in Chicago can get a little credit too. And I’ll tell you why.

In 2012, we learned that only hours into President Obama’s first term the top political masterminds of the Grand Old Party had met to form an alliance. An alliance that would set out to bring one man’s political career to a grinding halt, and, with it, crippling the nation that they say they love so much. At this dinner, it is where they concocted their plan; to obstruct every bill, to fight every economic stimulus package, deny and presidential appointee and bring forth a record number of filibustered bills,and above all, never, ever, agree with the President. It got so bad at one point Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) filibustered his own bill which in his own words were, ” a last choice option” to avert a U.S. debt default. Simply because President Obama agreed that it was a fantastic idea.

In the months and years to come, some would and can argue that it had even gotten worse. One of President Obama’s first biggest tasks was to pick up where then President Bush left off. An attempt to save the auto industry. But, if you ask anyone who was associated with The Troubled Asset Relief Program (a.k.a.TARP) President Obama’s name is the first to be spoken. Now, we can argue all we want about how many jobs were saved in the aftermath of the bail-out but as I see it — the man’s hands were tied.

Why one might ask? Because it wouldn’t have been how many jobs he saved, it would have been how many jobs he lost. Now that we are six years removed from the bail-out measures being taken, it has very much become a black-eye for those that opposed any recovery a la Mitt Romney whose thoroughly discredited economic policy of bail outs for the auto industry bad, bail outs for Wall Street good are still republican economic dogma. With the U.S declaring the bail-out over and profitable, there’s not much left to be said.

Lately, the far-right has taken a perverse fascination with Vladimir Putin. Their hatred for their President has swayed them to fall in love with an actual “Dictator”. That somehow this man has found a way to show that our president is somehow weak. All because our president decided that the first option to a problem wasn’t a bullet or a bomb. To take the diplomatic high-road. And what do you know? Russia’s economy is tanking as we speak. When you need to back your political hatred for someone by show-casing that of a dictator, I’m sorry but your ideology is so far off the map, I don’t think it can ever recover.

I can keep going on for hours with examples of where The POTUS was met head on with obstruction and criticism over the last six years, but what’s the point? The proof is in the pudding. For the last four years without any help from his Congress, we’ve had 50 consecutive months of job growth. We have a stock market that broke 18,000. Gasoline is $2.50 a gallon. 9 million more people have health insurance. Our deficit has been cut in half. GDP grew at 5% last quarter which is better than anything since Clinton!  He single handily hoisted this country on to his shoulders and did us for the better.

But alas, 2014 is coming to a close and brighter days are not in our future. One look at the 2015 budget ‘riders’ should be all the proof that you need. I can’t even imagine the fight the President is going to have on his hands. Hell, I don’t even want to. In the days to come he’s going to attempt to safeguard all that he has fought for by wetting the ink in his veto pen.

Who would have imagined that a civil rights attorney and a professor of constitutional law from Chicago would become a two term President? Who then would go on to help save our country from the second greatest economic disaster of all time? If there is anyone on this planet that has faced obstruction and diversity, it is President Barack Obama.


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