Trump Fails Spectacularly In New Fox News Poll Rating His First Month

fox poll Trump's first month bombed failed fail
Trump's first month on this Fox poll took a real downturn.

Fox News put out an online survey asking people to rate Trump’s first month. It appears to have failed spectacularly.

Though obviously tilted in Trump’s favor,  the survey does have a negative answer. The second question poses as a sort of middle of the road answer, yet is a blatant attempt to allow them to draw the conclusion that people think the “controversies” are all unnecessary. The other two answers are both extremes, you either have to be giving a glowing review — which is nearly impossible if you have paid any attention at all —  or you have to believe it was Poor.

This is the screen you see when you click on this quiz:

fox poll
Screen Capture from Fox New

The answer could have come out as, “great, full of accomplishments.” Most logical people would see that Trump’s greatest accomplishment has been the sheer volume of lies that come out of his mouth. However, he has attempted to block immigrants from 7 predominantly Muslim countries. He has also stripped the vulnerable among us, transgender children, of the weight of the federal government behind their quest to be treated like humans. He has said win a lot too — all of those could be considered accomplishments, not really as Great.

Poor Fox ran afoul the sheer numbers of embarrassed Americans. It seems that more angry, patriotic, equality demanding American saw this survey than Fox News had predicted. At the time that the following image was taken Sunday Morning, the results were explosive, outperforming expectations, especially for a Fox survey. Twenty-two percent of respondents felt that threatening federal enforcement against legal Cannabis and firing those who disagree with him is “great.” Eight percent think that his strong start was stymied by meanies and their facts.

A full 70 percent of respondents, out of 52,746 of them, have indicated that Trump’s performance is, in a word, “poor.”

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons

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